Thursday, August 07, 2014

Engineering minds

I signed up to coach an Odyssey of the Mind team this year. This week the information guide for coaches came out and I went into a mini-panic thinking about how much time it will be. As I read on, the mini-panic subsided because this program teaches a lot of important critical thinking skills.

We recently listened to the first Harry Potter (the narrator is amazing!) and we are waiting for the second one to come in from the library. Nate and Alex have asked constantly about it, so I explained we are on two waitlists - home library waitlist and beach library waitlist. I said we were number 10 at home but there are 4 copies, and with a lending time of one week, we would expect to get it in about 3 weeks.

They asked about the beach library waitlist. I explained we were number 6! But they only had two copies. They asked which one would come first, and we asked them what they thought. Nate immediately jumped in with 3 weeks, but Alex said "Well it depends on how long the lending time is for that library."  Nate then chimed in, "It also depends on when the person checked it out and when it is due back."

My brain was like WOW! This Odyssey of the Mind thing is going to be very interesting if the boys are already s


Running Meg said...

I love that narrator. I believe he also does the voice of the Sorting Hat in the movies!

Such brilliant young minds!

KH99 said...

I participated in Odyssey of the Mind in middle school and LOVED it!! I don't think parental coaches were used as much then, but boy, we could have used some LOL.

DesiDVM said...

I did OM every year from 1st grade until junior year of high school. We always had parent coaches and thus some years (depending on the preparedness of our coaches) our prep was...better than others lol. They don't really do OM here in Colorado anymore like they used to and that made me so sad because I have A LOT of great memories from it. And critical thinking skills :-)

Hope12hopes said...

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