Monday, February 10, 2014

Poorly timed yet awesomely timed tooth fairy visit

One of Nate's front teeth has been loose for awhile. I thought it could hang in there until Jon returned from his trip (YES STILL GONE, SEND BOOZE) but by Friday night it was very very loose. Despite my 39 year 11 month track record of being extremely squeamish and prone to fainting during medical stuff, I told Nate I would pull it for him.

He then argued and argued and argued with me. hile I had a tissue in his mouth holding onto to a tooth! The argument ended with I AM NEVER PULLING A TOOTH FOR YOU EVER.

(This would be the first and only time where Nate's arguing benefitted me.)

On Saturday, at school (SATURDAY SCHOOL!!!!!!) Nate hit himself in the mouth and the tooth fell out.


Nate came home from school with an extra bag. His teacher has a Tooth Fairy bag for kids who lose their teeth at school. There is a little box for safe tooth transport and a 3 ring binder where every kid gets to write the story of how they lost their tooth at school. It was one of the most adorable things I've ever seen, all these stories from 7 year olds about losing teeth. Here is Nate's story:



Mommy, Esq. said...

Adorable. And his handwriting is excellent. :)

Jill said...

This is awesome.
And I was CHEERING for you that he lost it at school! I've gotten this lucky twice.

Joanna said...

And to think, I thought he couldn't get any cuter.

Tanika Davis said...

Snaggs!! That's what my Dad used to call me when I had missing teeth. It was cute.

Haleh Ashkevari said...

Nate hit himself just to make the tooth fall? It might have gotten the result he wanted, but it's best to tell him to avoid such situations. He might hurt himself by breaking his other healthy teeth in the process. The note is very cute, though. Haha! Anyway, losing baby teeth can also be good news, because we can expect the other, more permanent set to pop up. It might be time to start coaching Nate on proper dental care, or at least to brush regularly from now on. Cheers!

Haleh Ashkevari

Bettye Primm said...

It’s adorable that they follow that special routine for kids who lose their tooth in school. That works right for parents like you who aren't very keen on pulling out their child’s tooth by themselves. Hopefully next time, it'll hold out until you can get him to the dentist.

Bettye Primm @ Back Mountain Dental