Friday, February 07, 2014


Jon is on a business trip to Dubai, Milan, and London. I didn't think too much about the trip ahead of time because of the stupidity of four snow days leading up to it. I find the international trips to be harder on all of us because we can only steal a few minutes at random times in the day to speak to each other. With domestic travel, at least I get to emotionally dump the harder parts of my day to the person who listens best. I also underestimated how much a new job would make things different, and slightly harder.

I used to think "well this job is a choice so I should just suck it up and not complain" but I'm at the 8.5 year mark with a traveling spouse so I've given up on that and complain when I feel like it. Alex had a nightmare last night, a bad one, and then slept with me from 4AM on. Sleeping with Alex is very close to that scene in 1984 when they put the rats in the cage over his face, except with no biting. Just wild flailing and tossing and turning right against you, with no hope of sleep.

All of this to say - I'm grumpy. I'm tired. I've got another week left of this. So.....I CAN NOT WAIT until the boys go to Saturday school tomorrow.

And next week I will have some great photos to share of a very special project.



Beth said...

Yay for Saturday school! I know it's a cliche, but hang in there. :-)

Joanna said...

That is the best description of what it's like to sleep with a little kid I've ever read.

The rest of it, totally sucks. Feel free to complain away. Preventing yourself from complaining just adds another layer of suckitude to the whole thing.

heather v said...

I think there is a pre-planned cupcake intervention in your future (along with a stack of EW to pass on.)

Should we make a drinking game out of the opening ceremonies tonight (that is if anyone wants to turn them on?) My money is Putin showing up shirtless on a steed lighting the torch himself.

erinlaughs said...

Oh my. I love that picture! One of my goals this spring is to figure out b/w editing. Mine are always too blue or too brown. So gorgeous!

After our many snow days and being home with just the girls for an extended period of time, I realized the thing I missed most about my coworkers was the adult conversation, and being able to vent and complain. Hopefully next week goes quickly!

claudia said...

Yea, for Saturday school. I have to teach Saturdays and little one doesn't have Saturday school so the mismatch is always problematic.

Tanika Davis said...

Girl, I am sending you lots of virtual wine right now. And brownies.