Friday, January 31, 2014


You may have heard the south got snow this week.

Snow days

Tuesday school was canceled because the snow was supposed to arrive at noon and possibly be sleet and ice filled. You may have heard it hit Atlanta first (hahahahaha I know you heard!). It arrived here that evening and snowed the entire night.

A good marriage is all about proper division of labor. In our house, the North Dakotan shovels snow and the Floridian dictates beach/water toy purchasing. That is why we had the first clear driveway of the neighborhood and why we have an awesome  inflatable boat for camping.

Snow days

Jon and I traded off taking the boys outside to play in the snow, and then working in between. BY FAR, this was the boys' favorite snow event. They are old enough to play in it for hours, love playing in it, and appreciate that a snow event is special.

Snow days

Seeing them filled with joy was the best, THE BEST.

Snow days

Then overnight Thursday the snow melted and refroze on the streets. School was canceled again on Thursday. We have gone with the strategy of letting the boys play unlimited video games because we have to work. In my new job I am contracting the first 6 months, which means I have to get in my hours and they have to happen during the week. Jon's leaving Monday morning for 12 days out of the country so he has a lot of work that has to get done before he's gone.


By Thursday evening, most of the roads in our town were clear but much of the county still has tons of frozen-over roads and not enough equipment to clear it all. School is canceled again today.

So............. the idea behind year-round school is you utilize the school the entire year by always having kids in it. One teeny tiny problem with this plan is inclement weather, aka making up snow days. My boys have to make up these snow days on Saturdays, the first one is tomorrow. I'm NOT complaining about this (free weekend babysitting!!!), but this week we have told the boys over and over:

Enjoy this like it's your weekend, because it is.

(This post brought to you by cabin fever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Running Meg said...

Oh wow, school on Saturday?
Love the snow pics and the pure glee on your boys' faces!

Joanna said...

School on Saturday should be illegal. Even if it means free weekend babysitting. You just do not go to school on a Saturday, that's all there is too it.

heather v said...

I would love, love, love to be able to make up a whole day during a 3.5 hour run on a Saturday.

Traditional schools get to make up our missed time on 4 full seven hour school days. This takes all the remaining workdays plus the start of spring break.

I know workdays are often billed as "free days for teachers," but it cuts down on the amount of work we already take home. Plus as school $ is tied to completing some type of state sanctioned professional development we now will be doing it after school on our own dime.

The school system is so, so large that I get that you have to make sure all roads being used by buses are safe in all parts of town. Since the Town of Cary finished up all their plowing early, according to their press release yesterday, maybe they could have offered to plow other areas of town that have less or further stretched resources.

No one is ever going to be happy with the school district's final call, but I can tell you that February better be snow free.