Tuesday, June 12, 2012

My greatest failure as a parent

I was born in Ohio but I was raised in Florida. Every spring was filled with daily 3PM thunderstorms with torrential rain. My happiest place away from the beach is sitting on the porch watching and listening to rain. I had a childhood filled with memories of splashing in puddles and listening to loud cracks of thunder. (I once even famously got impetigo from playing in really deep puddles. ON MY FACE.)

My kids? Do not like to play in rain.


I have tried. When it rains, I try to take them outside to play in it. They claim the water is too cold. They want towels. They don't care about the puddles or the rivers formed on the street. I have even taken to bribing them with candy to give it a try. They run out in the rain then turn around asking for their candy.

I guess you can't force all of your childhood joys on your own children. I have to assume they got this hatred of rain from their father.

I did have one spectacular moment in my latest attempt to introduce them to the awesomeness of playing in the rain. Alex had this look on his face and I didn't have time to raise my camera to my eye to take the shot. I shot it from the hip, just aimed the camera at him and pressed the shutter.  Say hello to my new favorite photo.



Miche said...

I grew up in Florida but do not like playing in the rain :)

It is cold!

Joanna said...

They don't like playing in the rain? I can't even imagine it. We used to have so much fun in the rain. And Michael took to puddles like a...well like a duck to water. It just does not compute.

It does make for some great pictures though.

Janna said...

Those pictures are fantastic! There is something so cute about the two boys pouting under their towels and the one of Alex is amazing! I think he'll look like that when he's a teenager!

We love playing in the rain, although in Oregon, it's usually below 60 when it's raining. Oh and everytime there is a thunderstorm here, my neighbor and I huddle on my front porch in blankets and have the best time. It's like we're kids again :)

Goddess in Progress said...

Great shot! Even more amazing when you realize it was such luck, not even composed.

And hey, if not loving the rain is your biggest parenting failure, I'd say you're doing pretty well. :-)

Jen said...

Maybe they just need some cozy raincoats! I LOVE playing in the rain and so do my kids. We are in Ohio, though, so it's often cold here too when it rains. Keep trying with your boys -- they are going to take to it! Maybe it's an acquired taste, like spaghetti squash.

Tanika Davis said...

Boys after my own heart. Rain is COLD.
I do like sitting on the porch while it rains, with a mug of cocoa, reading a book. It's so beautiful and peaceful and makes you feel all warm inside. Maybe you can convince them to love that?

Michael Wamalwa said...

Sure there are some things you can't force on your kids.Am happy you discovered that,please sensitize some parents on this coz it sucks when a parent wants you to do what you are not comfortable with