Wednesday, June 13, 2012

First visit from the tooth fairy!

Alex came home from school yesterday with his tooth so loose that I did not think I could take another day of him messing with it. He was constantly pulling on it, pushing on it, and twisting it to the point that it almost made me gag and/or pass out many many times. I pulled on it and it gave easily, so I asked Jon to PLEASE pull it out.

Jon said he wanted to look at it, grabbed it, and YANK.

Much crying and blood occurred. After a wet washcloth, Alex was SO EXCITED about his tooth being gone that he wanted me to take a photo of him holding the tooth.


PEOPLE. You know me well enough to know I can't post bloody images so here's a clean tooth photo.


While Alex happily put his the tooth in his tooth fairy pillow, Nate was open about being "super jealous" that Alex got to loose a tooth first. Can everyone PLEASE hope for me that no one has a super loose tooth while Jon is gone? Because for reals, my boys might get to see me pass out.


Whenever I feel tired of blogging, I have to remember how awesome it is that my great-grandma (and all our family) has gotten to experience all of these firsts with us via my blog. Birth, first solid food, first steps, first ER trip, first day of kindergarten, and now first lost tooth. All on my blog. Awesome.

9 comments: said...

I'm also squigged out by loose teeth, hope to never have to pull one myself (though I think I could handle it slightly better than my husband, so really, our kids are screwed and will have to pull their own teeth). Liam (my nearly 6-year-old) was indignant that his little brother (3 years) got a visit from the tooth fairy first thanks to a dentist-pulled tooth (that he broke first by falling mouth-first onto a rock).
PS - Blogs are so very grand for sharing with family!

Beth said...

Congratulations to Alex! I feel the same way about the loose teeth, but then I had to pull out Isabel's while Pete was away, and it wasn't as bad as I thought. Just don't look if you have to do it!

Joanna said...

"Jon said he wanted to look at it, grabbed it, and YANK." Ha, there is a trick that will only work once.

You need to have a backup neighbor lined up for tooth pulling in case it is needed while Jon is on travel. Or maybe see if you can get the school nurse to do it during the school day.

Cynthia said...

Congratulations Alex!

I am also NOT COOL with loose teeth. So much so that Alaina is afraid to talk to me when she has a loose tooth for fear I will swoon.
Hang in there :-)

Lindsay said...

Aw, cute!!

Carrie77 said...

Eek. We just checked out a book from the library, and I was at my Mom's yesterday and I read it to Nathan. The boy ties thread to his tooth, then ties the other end to a door... the babysitter comes in and open it.. and YANK! Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! That gave me AND Nathan total chills!

Irene said...

This is such a big deal! Losing teeth signifies a whole different phase of childhood, at least to me. Good luck not passing out over the next few years. :p

erinlaughs said...

I loved loose teeth as a kid, but just reading this blog entry made me gag. I will for sure be making deals with neighbors to pull out teeth.

How did the tooth fairy pillow work out? How much did the tooth fairy bring?

ellen jeff said...

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