Thursday, June 14, 2012

Field day!

Yesterday was Field Day at the boys' school. They had rescheduled it due to rain earlier in the week, which was perfect because both Jon and I got to volunteer. They put us together at the sack races, which was awesome because it was near trees and we got lots of shade.


Every kid was paired up with a partner to go around to the different stations, and Nate and Alex were partnered up. This was good because Jon and I could see them doing stations together. It was also bad because Nate was acting LIKE A BOSS, but not in good way. In an epic fighting way.


Now this is the south, y'all. Field Day in June? It was in the high 80s. Both morning and afternoon activities included water stations to cool the kids down. I wish you could have heard the screaming from 20+ kindergarteners every time they dunked someone.


Overall it was a fantastic first Field Day for the boys. And I am very thankful for a flexible job that allows me the opportunity to volunteer at the school.


(I am also thankful we didn't have to work the big balls.)

Field day


Joanna said...


Sorry about Nate acting like a boss. We really have to get him together with Michael. It would be a big boss off. said...

I cannot watch Wipe Out without giggling over the big balls - which means we will both be the perfect mother for the teenage boys (eep) we'll someday have.

Maria said...

Love the field day!

We decided on a ball theme for the adoption party...the girls can't stop giggling every time we mention balls...

JenFen said...

Love field day! Looks like it was great time had by all.

Yeah, I laugh at the big balls every time too.

I worked the giant parachute this year. It was just al'rite.

Anandi Raman Creath said...

You know you wanted to work the big balls ;)

I love that you both went to volunteer!!

I hated Field Day as a kid, so I'm hoping to encourage T to be more active than I was.

Jen W said...

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Monetize that!

Karen said...

Looks like fun! At least it was sunny. It rained for Michael's field day and was chilly. And it was in May!