Friday, May 11, 2012

This American Life LIVE SHOW

Last night, This American Life did a live show in New York and beamed it to movie theaters across the country. I went to see it last night. Now, you all know my love for TAL. My undying love. I have listened to ALL of the episodes (except the last few which Jon and I are saving for our drive to Ohio over Memorial Day weekend). I have seen Ira Glass live. I've watched the TV shows. Over and over, I tell people to listen to the Fear of Sleep episode (361) and the And The Call Was Coming From the Basement (319) episode. I tell people the app is the best $2.99 bargain of all time. I had very high expectations, which was bad because I was afraid it wouldn't be *that great*.

Those expectations were blown out of the water. The show was AMAZING. It was INCREDIBLE. I laughed so hard I was breathless. I cried from the deepest part of my soul. I was inspired, inspired to the point of tears, perhaps inspired more than I have ever been inspired, by David Rakoff.  And there was some serious kickass live music from OK Go and some dancing that put SYTYCD to shame. It was two of the most entertaining hours of my life. I didn't want it to end.

For lack of a better term, it was EFFING BRILLIANT. With the exception of money spent on ice cream trucks and my camera, it was the best $20 I have spent in the last year.

When they adapt it for the radio, they will have to cut major chunks of the visual stuff. One of the things they will cut out is this short film Mike Birbiglia did specifically for the show, which they asked us to share. Please watch and enjoy.

They are playing it again this upcoming Tuesday in select theaters. 

And please, do yourself a favor. Download the app and listen to those two episodes in the car while you're driving around on errands one day. I guarantee you that you will sit in your driveway to finish.


Joanna said...

So, I get the feeling that you might like This American Life. Is that correct?

Tanika Davis said...

OH my! I am a This American Life JUNKIE. I can't believe I missed this!!

heather v said...

OMG! Wasn't it amazing! So you posted Birbigulia and I just posted Tig Notaro's Taylor Dayne piece. Crazy timing.

The whole night was a reminder of my love for TAL and what it brings to my life week after week.


Amy L said...

So jealous - love TAL. Ira is amazing. I've seen him live once. Glad you got to go!

Amanda said...

That was great. NPR hosts never look like I think they should.

rubber7soul said...

I don't think I have listened to those two episodes. I will have to listen on my commute to/from work. Thanks for the rec's.

t + j said...

Just downloaded the app and listened to "The Call." What a treasure of an app! We feel the same about 60 minutes. No cable at our house, so to have access to every episode AND streaming via iTV is awesome.

hush said...

Awesome suggestions, thank you!