Tuesday, May 29, 2012


This weekend, we introduced the boys to one of America's finest traditions - long road trips. Technically, they have been on multiple long road trips (15+ hour trip to Florida, 10+ hour trip to Ohio) but they do not remember those trips. I have a strong feeling they will remember this trip.

Road trip

The reason for the trip was for my first cousin Trent's graduation. This is the first graduation where I felt truly old since I remember him at the same age as Nate and Alex are now. (Pictured with my grandma, who you all may remember from our trips to Florida.)


The Verhoff side of the family is large, and I often feel sad when I think about Nate and Alex not growing up with tons of family. Not sad enough to have more babies though. Let's meet everyone! We'll go in reverse age order since the youngest, Deb, is the one who had a son graduating.


Then there's my aunt Ang and her family:


Then there's my aunt Rose and her family (missing one kid):


And then my uncle Joe and his family:


And my dad, his wife Vickie, and the boys (not pictured: me and Jon. Doh.):


Did you keep all the names straight? Maybe a group photo would help. Let me point out that we assembled for this photo before we realized someone was missing... twice.


It was great to see everyone, and particularly great to spend time with my grandma. We spent most of the weekend just hanging out with family chatting. Sunday was the big party, and the boys got to play on their first every merry-go-round. I am not exaggerating when I say they played on this thing for 5 hours. They didn't stop playing at this playground except when we made them eat food. Wearing no shoes + dusty rocks = the boys were FILTHY. Happily filthy.


After saying good bye to everyone, Alex fell asleep immediately in the car on the way to the hotel. I carried him to the room where he seemed to wake up for a little bit, and as we unpacked, he fell right back asleep. On hotel carpet. I will not think about the germs. I will not think about the germs.


The party exhausted them so much they quietly watched movies the whole way home, and we made it back in record time. Jon and I even managed to listen to an entire audio book while driving there and back (Divergent! Read it before it becomes a movie like Hunger Games!).  As soon as we walked in the door to our house, Nate said that he wanted to move to Ohio because he had so much fun. And Alex was very sad, missing Trent, who he adores.


Joanna said...

Sounds like it was worth the drive. Such a big family. It looks like it was so much fun. And the picture of Alex crashed on the carpet? Priceless.

Beth said...

It's so hard to be away from family, but trips like that are wonderful. The boys will indeed remember, and those connections will continue to grow. Glad you had such a great time.

Lainey-Paney said...


And what memories you all are making.


{PS: Kudos to whomever made the t-shirt quilt. I'm lovin' it!}

Maria said...

They may not grow up around family, but they'll have these kickass roadtrips to remember. Which is so awesome.

Shari said...

Our girls are road trip warriors now. It's fun for everyone once you get the system established. I think the key to survival is bringing a lot of stuff to keep them busy, lots of snacks and letting them help with the packing. We tend to stop for lots of bathroom breaks, but that's because my husband drinks too much coffee -- even though he blames it on the girls. :)

Lesli said...

Just read Divergent and Insurgent...loved 'em. Insurgent isn't quite as action packed...but is great and leaves you wanting more.

windycityvegan said...

My new favorite quote of 2012 thus far: "Not sad enough to have more babies though."

And about falling asleep on the hotel room floor -- Mar almost died one time when Nina finally fell asleep on top of a hotel bed and her blanket from home wasn't fully covering the spot she was sleeping in. He would put her in a hazmat suit if he could find one her size! (I'm equally grossed out, but SHE WAS ASLEEP and no way was I going to wake her up to rearrange her blanket.)

Tanika Davis said...

Wait! How did you listen to an audio book while the boys watched a movie?? I am desperately trying to figure out if my van has the ability to allow them to watch one thing while we listen to something else! Or if we should have bought a better van!!! I'm so tired of Elmo's Favorite Songs, I think I might throw myself into oncoming traffic.

Cacey said...

Fun! We used to road trip from Missouri to Ohio/Indiana and then Texas to Ohio/Indiana when I was a kid. I forgot to ask you where in Ohio you went? My dad is from Dayton.

DesiDVM said...

I still think road trips are the best way to travel w/little kids, within reason. So much better when you can stop, when there is something to look at besides the sky, when there aren't other people around to be annoyed by your loud/fussy/laughing kids...

alicia said...

That last picture cracks me the heck up, every time I see it!

Sounds like a fun time! Next time? I get to party crash??:)