Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Putting my money where my mouth is

Nate recently decided he wanted to grow his hair long. Not wanting to deal with long hair in summer, Jon and I asked if he wanted to cut it really short instead. Nate decided he wanted to shave his head. Now let me state for the record I am not a fan of shaved heads. I like preppy haircuts, as evidenced by the last 6 years of the boys' hair as well as my love of Pottery Barn. But if I truly want the boys to feel comfortable expressing themselves, then I needed to put my money where my mouth is.

Before: (forgive the dim lighting in our master bath)


During. Look at that happy happy face.




Verdict? I still don't like it. But it makes him happy. And it will grow back.

Good news? Alex is adamantly against shaving his head.

 Other good news? Jon, who shaved his head the first summer I knew him and I almost died because he has awesome hair, said he finally understood why I hated when he shaved his head because he didn't realize how much he loved Nate's hair until it was gone.

Please make me feel better with a story of where you had to let your kids do something you don't like!


Cynthia said...

So, I have learned to cave when it comes to clothing. My daughter has a great sense of style AND will let me lay out her outfits for her. So either way, she usually looks like she has just stepped out of a catalog. The boys, well, two of them will wear what I set out, but Brady: no way. At almost 5 years old, he really enjoys choosing his clothes and dressing himself. It PAINS me. He will always choose, black on black, or red on red, or some other combo that makes me insane. But honestly, it makes me a little less insane the fight with him about clothes does. So, compromise: (I bribe him and he...) wears what I set out on holidays and the rest of the days, he is free to make his own - horrible - choices.

Lindsay said...

I really like it! But then again, I am a fan of the buzz cut (see: AJC). I'm going to try to talk JTC into much shorter hair today at 11:30. Here in TX, we call it "the summer cut." Stay tuned!

Joanna said...

He's still adorable. It really shows of his beautiful eyes.

And for once, I actually do not have a story in response to your request. I'm pretty sure that means the world is coming to an end or that pigs are going to start flying.

thellfamily said...

Still adorable. But as you can guess, I'm also a fan of boys with longer (in mine's case, floppy) hair.

I took the kids shopping for sheets for their big kid beds. Suddenly they had new favorite colors. So J now has hideous purple sheets and S's sheets are the most ugly green ever (like pea soup green). And both clash with their comforters. But I said it was up to them, so I stuck with my word.

Beth said...

I applaud you for letting him do what he wanted! And still think he looks awfully cute. My girls have dressed themselves for a long time, and we don't make any change or suggestions---so they look pretty funny sometimes! So far they both want long hair, but I'd let them cut it too (I think :)

Tanika Davis said...

My husband insists on cutting our boys' hair to save money, and also because he thinks it'll be some magical bonding thing between father and sons one day. Problem is, Dean has hair you can cut with electric clippers (which is what hubby uses to cut his own hair) and Cary does not. So Dean ends up looking super cute and Cary ends up looking like a sheep shorn by a drunk shepherd. Will my hubby listen to reason and take Cary to the barber? Noooooo. He says he'll watch a YouTube video about cutting hair texture like Cary's. A YouTube video. Because *that's* how barbers are made. Oy.
(That's the only story I got.)

Janna said...

WOW! Nate looks like my boys in that pic. We buzz cut their hair and then let it grow shaggy and then buzz cut it again, about every six months & they just got the buzz cut last night. CRAZY!

As far as letting them do what they want - I feel that way every time they pick a stupid book from the library (which is often :) and every time they choose to dress alike (also often :)

Julia said...

He looks as cute as ever, and I bet that hair grows super fast. My girls have super curly hair and we have cut it only twice because they want it long. Still, at 3.5, it barely touches their shoulders when it's dry (getting past the middle of their backs when wet). I have let them sport (badly done) afros because they insist on combing after it is dry.

They look very pretty with long hair styles, but I often wish they would ask to cut it short, because curly and very fine hair (as you know) can be a pain. Looks million dollar awesome just styled, but they can't touch their heads to anything.

Another thing I used to HATE on other ppls kids or even when I was a kid: nail polish. Now they have blue, green, red, yellow and everything in between nails, usually at the same time, and with glitter, OF COURSE. I even do make-up for them sometimes, fun stuff not mini beauty queen drags (and never to leave the house).

Maria said...

Make up! I hate it! (I do not let them out of the house with it on, but holy cow!)

Maria said...

PS. At least he didn't want a Mohawk?

Karen said...

I am also a fan of the preppy haircut but the buzz cut looks good on Nate! One plus to it is that it saves money on a haircut :)

I can't stand how Katie won't let me do anything with her awesome hair. I keep hoping for a change but other moms of girls have told me it's hopeless because I didn't start when she was a baby!

Tanika Davis said...

Also, my sister just let her 5-year-old get a mohawk, because he begged for one all school year.
We were all opposed, but darnit if it ain't the cutest thing ever!!
Sometimes these kids know what they're talking about...

Goddess in Progress said...

I'm not sure I have a good story, though I will say that I almost never veto whatever Rebecca chooses to wear. Sometimes the combinations are... interesting. Ah well.

I have vowed (in my head) to avoid all hair-related battles with my kids. So not worth it. If Daniel wants to shave it off or grow it long? Whatever. If Rebecca wants bangs or a pixie cut or wants to dye it pink? Whatever. It's hair, you can always cut it again, and it always grows back.

I'm not a big buzz-cut fan, either, but it's not like Nate doesn't look adorable, regardless.

JenFen said...

Have you seen the pictures on my blog about how Jake leaves the house in the morning????

I think Jake looks good with his faded buzz cut BUT I would prefer his hair longer. However, he likes it short enough that it doesn't have to be wet down and combed in the a.m. so I had to let that go. I can deal with that.

BUT then the clothes. I get him all these cute "skate" style outfits from the Tony Hawk collection at Kohls and he tucks in his shirt, wears his socks pulled up over his calf and then adds a hat, glasses and gloves - almost always mixed camo prints. It takes every bone in my body to let him do his own thing.

And while I like Nate's hair longer, he looks pretty cute with it shaved too.

Amy L said...

He looks great with his "summer cut"! Will is going to get his soon. I have a hard time cutting those curls, but his little head gets SO sweaty already, and it grows back quickly.

Anandi Raman Creath said...

You are an awesome mama. T and I saw a girl with blue hair the other day and T gleefully pointed out that she had BLUE HAIR, MAMA. I told her that when she was big like that girl she could pick any color she wanted.

Then again, I'm pretty much ok with the non-permanent image stuff like that, so maybe it's not a good story.

And fortunately T believes me when I tell her something doesn't match. Her wanting to wear too-small clothes drives me nuts, though so I try to purge them as soon as I notice they're getting small.

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

I feel your pain. I have been trying to talk Eli into cutting his VERY LONG hair for summer. He refuses. I finally stopped because I was afraid he would get a complex about it. So we press on. He has to have it cut in the fall for school unless Jared finds a way to change the dress code over the next several weeks. :)

I meant to comment on the B-day post that we alternated who was sung to first also over here at our house. I sometimes think people think I am crazy when I declare "oh wait, Eli is first because Alex was first last time". I am glad I am not the only one. Alex was first with our B-day pancakes and Eli at the party.

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

BTW he is adorable, of course.

DesiDVM said...

Well I'm opposite LOL. One of the reasons I love having boys is that when their hair starts "looking like a wildebeast" as we say around here, TH just takes them to the barbershop and everyone gets a super-close fade. Rinse and repeat 3 weeks later because their hair grows so fast. But of course my kids have, um, different hair than yours :-)

Although I do like J's hair a *little* longer, where you can see his little curls. And he told me he likes it short (shaved basically) because "I don't like having curly hair." Sob. Curly is cute, why don't they get it...