Thursday, May 17, 2012

How to have the best birthday ever

Since the boys are finally at an age to understand how special and awesome birthdays are, Jon and I wanted to make them feel special. It already kind of sucks that they have to share a birthday (believe me, Jon and I know this pain) so we wanted it to be a day filled with memories.

The night before, Jon and I spent some time decorating.


For all of her kids' birthdays, my sister fills their room with balloons. We decided to fill our downstairs with balloons and this was a SUPER HUGE HIT. The kids could have run around all day kicking balloons. Best $1.99 ever spent at Target.


We also let them decorate the windows.


Being first born (by one minute), Alex always gets happy birthday sung to him first. We decided this year Nate got it sung first at home while Alex will get it sung first at the party.



Growing up, my family had an AWESOME tradition that I wanted to share with my kids. Whenever it was a kid's birthday in our house, every kid got a small birthday cake. My mom would let all of us eat as much of the cake as we wanted until it was gone. I remember it was an entire week of chocolate cake for breakfast. We told the boys they could do the same thing and they wanted sprinkles on their cakes. Sprinkles they got.


We are also fortunate in that Nate and Alex's classes sit next to each other at lunch time every day. We managed to get one entire Case family table at school for lunch. The boys didn't know we were planning this and they were SO EXCITED.


There was much confusion explaining to the lunch authorities that both of these were our kids. Yes, it is both of their birthdays. Yes, they are twins. No, they don't look anything alike. But pretty fun right? To know the boys are not known at The Twins but as Nate and Alex.... awesome.


For dinner, they picked Noodles and Co. because of the super delicious mac and cheese. I think that's awesome since Jon and I ate Noodles and Co mac and cheese on one of our first romantic getaways to Madison, WI many many years ago but we won't tell them that.

And then obviously more cake for dinner. And our big present to the boys was a tent so we can go camping. The inaugural trip will be father's day weekend!

Before bed, the boys rounded up all the balloons into our mud room into what might be a kid's dream come true. Please see the short video of an activity that could have lasted for hours. Again, best $1.99 ever spent at Target.


mel @ the larson lingo said...

So much fun!!! What a great bday for the boys. I love your cake tradition...might have to start that one for my girls. Happy Bday Nate & Alex!!!!!

DCAngel said...

I'm so glad they had so much fun! Love that such little things can bring so much joy at that age.

(And, btw, I LOVE your lens or camera -- whichever one makes it so your indoor shots are so gorgeous!)

Anandi Raman Creath said...

i'm totally stealing the "special cake" idea - how cool!!!

And yes, balloons are very popular here too, so we get them for everyone's birthday (but I'm lazy and order the helium filled ones from the party store so I don't have to blow them up!)

Jen W said...

Absolutely love everything about it! And those are some crazy-strong balloons.

We started the 1st birthday singing first to the 1-minute-older kid but decided on the 2nd birthday to switch, so every other year they can be first. Figure that 1 minute is almost a tie anyway!

Mel said...

Totally awesome about the balloons! And what I wouldn't give to have some Noodles mac n cheese on my birthday...or anyone's birthday. I always feel a strange sadness when you mention Noodles.

thellfamily said...

What an awesome fun birthday. Of course, there was never ever doubt you would make it so.

Now just think of birthdays in our house -- THREE of us have the same birthday -- that's 75% of the family! In our family you feel left out if you don't share a birthday. said...

Love the cake idea - might have to borrow that one for our family! Happy birthday again to the boys! Six is terrific!

Joanna said...

Freaking AWESOME!

Stacy said...

I love it!!!!!

Ann said...

I am so stealing all of your ideas!

t + j said...

I tried to post on the boys' birthday but my iphone wouldn't let me. Happy belated birthday Nate! Happy belated birthday Alex! What an awesome day you had!!! P.S. You have rock star mom!

Beth said...

Looks wonderful! So glad you had a such a great day.