Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WOW. Thank you. Thank you.

At the end of my post yesterday, I said I needed to be reminded of why I blog. Your comments? I am blown away. Every single one went straight to my heart.

The thing that usually keeps me going during my down blogtimes are these: (crap phone photos will have to suffice as Jon is traveling)


Most of the time, they are enough but lately I was finding myself less and less inspired to blog. I'm glad I put my feelings out to the universe. I feel like I got my mojo back from your support. Who knew there was a 7 year blogitch?

One of the themes in the comments yesterday was sharing how we keep things organized. After many false starts and different methods starting kindergarten this year, we finally found our perfect solution. This weekly calendar, found at Target:


Do I hate that it is pink? Yes. Do I hate that it is called OrganizeHER? Yes. But it works, and it's $7 for an entire year. Enough space for lunches for kids (buy/make), dinner for family, activities, extras. Jon and I plan it out on the weekend so we can get groceries and know who has to cover what. This week is a slow week with Jon gone and we're trying to clean out the fridge before we go out of town.

People who've been to my house know I hate having things on my fridge, but we've found the best place to keep this is on the fridge. In December 2006, I wrote a post about how our fridge would most likely always have something on it but obviously I didn't listen to myself.

Also - I've said over and over to our families that we really don't look forward more than one week at a time. We do plan things out in the future and it goes into our long-term calendar but we just deal with one week at a time. When I start looking at everything that needs to be done in the next month, I get worked up and filled with anxiety so I ignore the tray. And having a plan makes Type A crazy organized people like me feel like I can make it, no problem.


Joanna said...

And some of those people that know you hate having things on your fridge love to leave things on your fridge.

JenFen said...

I missed leaving a comment yesterday but what I wanted to add was that I would be really sad if you stopped blogging. However, that is incredibly selfish and you have to do what is right for you. I hope all those wonderful comments reminded you why you blogged and how much you are loved but I also hope that if you continue to find it a chore to blog 5 days a week that maybe you could find a happy medium (blog less days a week, include more photos).

And I definitely get the blog needing to change as the kids age. When I did all that research for Jake's party, I showed him the blogs that I viewed and it finally hit him that when I blog, it is "out there" for anyone to see (although I did explain to him that for my blog, it is almost exclusively family and friends).

I have a dry erase board that is weekly and has enough room for me to write our schedule and meal plan for the week. It is not on my fridge but next to the end of our kitchen cabinets and can be viewed from the dining room table. Now that the kids can read, everyone looks at it during dinner and we discuss what our week looks like (or I hear complaints about what I planned for dinner certain nights, hey its not perfect!)

newkid said...

I have been reading your blog on and off for a few months now. I would read it everyday if I had the time because it is so amazing. It's the type of blog you can tune in and out of and still get the gist of the story.
I don't want to sound strange now, but for some reason (probably because I found your blog on afterellen) I thought you were gay, as in, you were married to a woman and Jon was short for something (as you can now tell, I have not read all your posts, or your bio, otherwise I would have realized that) Anyway, I still think your class and your blog is very enjoyable. I hope you'll get a laugh out of my little mishap, because I'm some dope for not pegging it sooner....Anywho, keep up the great work!

Julia said...

I read yesterday`s post from my phone and could not comment. I have been reading you since I was pregnant, yours was about the first blog I found when I started looking for twin stuff. I have since subscribed and unsibscribed from dozens of blogs, and yours has been kept. Because you are funny. You are inspiring, very, very inspiring. You have awesome insights and ideas about everyday stuff. We have very different personalities and backgrounds and worldviews and hair and everything and still I find you inspiring and interesting and never get irritated with anything you say. You keep it real. I have almost decided to take a Mondo course and will try to buy my husband into it to see if he/we get out of some life funks. Last but not least, your kids are adorable, it is wonderful to see your documentation of their lives, compare their development, milestones, issues, with the ones I am seeing here with some time offset. I guess I could keep rambling for a good while longer here, but you got the idea. Please keep blogging! I'll be good and come comment often to cheer you up!

Jinan said...

I totally agree with Julia!
I would have expressed my feelings the same way adding that, YOU are so inspiring and I love everything you do!
I'm a mother of 2 boys (5 & 1) and I always-ALWAYS- come back to your blog whenever i'm puzzled or i'm done with parenting!
You have inspired me to start my own blog but I admit, sometimes I just don't feel like talking, so I don't, & a month may pass without posting anything on my blog... so feel free and take a break if u need to, but PLS we got so attached to your family and even if U stopped blogging you've got to find a way to tell us all that YOU ARE DOING FINE and that everything's OK!
one last comment: thumbs up for your patience, your spirit and above all, your courage!

Karen said...

Maybe you need to get a fridge like ours where nothing sticks to the front of it. Of course, this has made our door from the kitchen to the garage completely covered with pictures, artwork, etc.

We have a similar calendar and I have found it to be super helpful in keeping organized.