Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New milestone; DRAMA!

You would think at age almost 6, we would be over most milestones. This week brought two new milestones:

Milestone 1: sunburn
Milestone 2: DRAMAZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (over the sunburn)

We are CRAZY PEOPLE about sun protection. I even wrote a post last summer about sunscreen. And.... both boys came home from camp with bad sunburns on their arms yesterday. Alex's is really really bad. You know it's bad when one person mans dinner while the other runs to the pharmacy for lidocaine spray and aloe.

Taking off shirt: OWIE OWIE OWIE OWIE!!!!!!!!
Spraying lidocaine: IT'S SO COLD!!!!!!!!!!! WHY IS IT COLD??!??!!!
Sitting around doing nothing: MY ELBOWS HURT SO BAD!!!!!!!
Just a reminder: IT HURTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will look at the positive side. They will never ever bitch again about us reapplying sunscreen. Now they know why it is called sunBURN.


Joanna said...

Ouch. Poor Alex. Even with the sunburn, I bet you the boys will still complain about sunscreen application. At least until you remind them.

Michele said...

This is the thing I hate about group care and sunscreen rules. Some daycares/camps won't allow it at all. Others only with a permission slip and certain kinds.

Even if I diligently apply it before taking them to camp in the morning, you and I both know it needs to be reapplied later.

Cacey said...

Elijah is super OCD/dramatic about cuts and scrapes lately. He had a scrape on his elbow and wouldn't submerge it in the bath yesterday. So I told him if he didn't wash it, it would get infected. Cue total panic attack over infection! Way to go, mommy.

Karen said...

Drama here over everything!! Must be the age.....