Monday, April 23, 2012

The joy of constant transition

One of the only downsides of year-round school is the constant transition. Every 9-10ish weeks, the boys go from getting time apart all day to being back together all day. Then after 3-4 weeks of fun, travel, and camps, they go right back into the daily grind of school. We always have 1-2 weeks of transition after track out, and it's been interesting to see how these transitions play out.

The constant of these transitions is EPIC SIBLING RIVALRY AND FIGHTING once they are back in school. They actually bicker more the first couple of weeks when they have time apart. One awesome fight from this weekend? Who can throw a football better.... in the house.


Unlike most fights, there was no clear winner. Just two losers. Well actually, I won because that vase only cost $20 and I charged each boy $20 to replace it.


Joanna said...

Well, at least no one lost an eye, right?

Beth said...

I have Brady Bunch flashbacks going through my head. And the Berenstain Bears book on lying. At least you can replace it, right? Pocketing $20? Genius!

Anandi said...

Hah, I love that you charged them each $20. How long does it take them to earn that much??

Tanika Davis said...

Whoa. You made a profit off your own children's mistake?
Hells yes!! That is brilliant!!!!! Again you score a point in the "LauraC is my parenting hero" column.