Monday, March 26, 2012

End of third quarter

Friday was the last day of the third quarter of kindergarten and it was an early release day when they get out at 1:15PM. Since the boys had such great conferences and the weather was so nice, I decided to take them to the nearest lake beach for a beach afternoon to celebrate.

It was ridiculous.

Beach boys

Since it was a weekday, the only other people there were families. The boys played and played for HOURS. They played together without me so well for so long that I finished the book I brought with me and just sat watching them play together.

Sometimes as a working parent, I feel like so much of my time is spent rushing rushing rushing. It was amazing to have FOUR HOURS to just enjoy my boys. I don't think I can describe how nice it was to watch them be brothers for a few hours.


This ongoing balance thing as a working parent is hard. I do want to enjoy my kids but I also have a lot of responsibilities. The longer I do this parenting thing, the more I realize it's about stopping to enjoy the moment when you can and carving out these moments along the way.


Carrie77 said...

LOVE their Star Wars shirts :)

Miche said...

I really think you are an amazing parent!

We can't see what you do behind the scenes but I'm pretty sure it is mostly as awesome as what you blog.

Keep it up!

Joanna said...

And I bet, on top of all that awesome, the boys slept great too. The beach is magic.

Cacey said...

Ohmigosh. WHERE can I get that Artoo shirt?

Beth said...

Reaping the rewards--that is what you're doing. So awesome!

Tanika Davis said...

I love it when you do posts like these. They give me so much to look forward to! I can't wait for moments like these!

heather v said...

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

I hope track out finds two very happy Case boys beach bound.

Karen said...

This post makes me want to take the kids to the lake near our house.