Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring fever

I never understood the term "spring fever" until I lived in Chicago. After a long gloomy cold snowy winter, one 60 degree March day would fill me with glee and joy and excitement and mental craziness.

Once those neural pathways are activated in the brain, apparently they do not shut off because I have a serious case of spring fever the last couple of days. Only one or two types of trees are blooming yet I'm feeling slightly mentally deranged. How could I not?


That's the first photo from my current photography class, Elevate The Ordinary by Andrea Scher. I am walking into it with an open mind and an open heart. I can't wait to see what I learn! And I hope to capture more of the insane beauty that is North Carolina spring.


Lindsay said...

LOVE this picture. Seriously, put an inspirational quote on it, and it will be all over pinterest. =b

Stacy said...

That is beautiful! And it gives me spring fever. Probably because I live in Chicago and we are getting dumped on with wet "heart attack" snow as I speak! :)

Stacey said...

That picture is all I need to see to want to move to North Carolina. Beautiful!

Joanna said...


I'm having the same problem with spring fever. A few early spring flowers have bloomed outside my house and now I'm dying for spring. I actually told the daffodil outside my front door to bloom already!

Lesley Barr Photography said...

Wow, that is just gorgeous!

Maria said...

Can you hear me packing my bags?

That is gorgeous!

Tiffany said...


I miss dogwoods and cherry trees already. And cardinals.

I don't know any of the foliage here and I feel kind of out of sorts not having "my animal" around.

Tanika Davis said...

You sure make North Carolina sound wonderful! I lived there right after college (interned at the News and Observer) and my uncle and aunt and a good friend live there now so I visit occasionally. And never have I wanted to live there more than when you post something about it! LOL! You should be on the NC Tourism Board's payroll!