Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A Day in the Life

One of the most frequent questions I get is how I get everything done. I thought I would post a day in our lives to help answer that question!

5:45AM - wake up, meet some neighbors to run 5 miles. Watch the sunrise on the way home.


7:15AM - boys wake up, breakfast, empty the dishwasher, shower. Worked on Valentine's Day cards because we had time and our evening time is super packed.


8:40 - take boys to the bus stop, two houses down. Chat with neighbors.

8:45AM to 5:15PM (except lunch break) - work at my desk. Lots of conference calls this day. I just ordered 6 standout mounts to hang on this wall above my desk, photos coming.


30 minute lunch break - picked up library books and takeout sushi for lunch.

5:15PM - start making dinner while Jon picked up the boys. Dinner, homework, few minutes of quality time

6:45 PM taekwondo (that is Nate kicking)


7:45 PM - kids in bed. Check email, Facebook, twitter, Instagram. Eat a Ho Ho and tweet about it.

8 PM - Start tackling the project of updating my photography website while watching Ides of March with Jon. BORING movie so we switched to tivoed episodes of Alcatraz.


9:30PM - decide I can't look at a computer screen for another minute so I put it down and veg.

10 PM - Go to bed. Start reading The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta (that I picked up at the library at lunch). Read until I fall asleep around 11ish.

7:15 AM - normal wake up time.

So what did you notice during this day? Here's what I noticed:

  • No commute for me or Jon makes a huge difference in the time we have available.
  • Nearly every minute of this day was spent DOING from 5:45-9:30. Unfortunately that is what it takes some weeks to work full time and run your own business and have kids.
  • It pretty much takes a schedule to fit in work, kids, husband, exercise, photography, reading, tv, and relaxation.

What about you? Do you want to play along and post your day? And what did you notice?


Cacey said...

I think I should do this, since people seem to be slightly impressed that I homeschool and write. Whatevs. I don't think it's THAT exciting, but we shall see! I agree, your day is JAM packed!

Miche said...

I think the no commute is a huge deal. It was the first thing I noticed.

When your boys are waking up at 7:15 I'm leaving with kid in tow for daycare and work. I usually arrive at my desk at 8:15.

You still have a jam packed schedule though and you rock it!

Beth said...

No commute is HUGE HUGE HUGE. Plus, your school starts later than ours. William catches the bus a little after 8:00 a.m. But I leave with Seth around 7:30. And we don't get home until 6:00 p.m. But the other things I noticed are, you actually go to bed at a decent hour. I figured you must not go to sleep 'till one in the morning. And I'm also uber impressed you got your butt out of bed at 5:45. If my kids slept 'till 7:15, I'd be right there with them! I haven't used an alarm clock since William was born. :-)

Julia said...

Where do I get the fan card?

I am almost scared by your schedule, esp. the little time between one activity and the next, like less than two hours between starting to cook dinner and having to be at tae-kwon-do class, and how on earth do you get them to bed one hour later? Is that class only 30 min? How long do they take to shower and dress? Here, at 3yo, I usually cannot give them dinner, showers and the whole bedtime fuss in less than 2h.

I have worked from home (self-employed translator/interpreter) for almost 10 years, but because there is no boss/full-time employer, my schedule is much lighter many days (although I am on graveyard shift very often - when the girls were little I just shared my whole 24h in chunks of childcare (say nursing 87 times a day), work, sleep and the etcs.)

However, I have a maid that does housework and most of the cooking during weekdays. Husband works partly at home, partly out, and during the 1st two years with kids he traveled every week for two days, but now we moved and he works some 8 blocks away. I feel like such a sissy reading the American moms' blogs.

Julia said...

Oh, and my kids are at home full time, except for ballet 2x a week now. I am starting to consider school, but we have no part-time options here (like 2 or 3 times a week) and I am not such a fan of sending them every day. So that is the hard part for me :) Sittin on my desk all day uninterrupted would be a dream (though a half-hour lunch break with library stopover is also a mystery to me.)

Joanna said...

Dude, you are such a slacker...

JenFen said...

What did I notice? That I have the same water bottle as you and that boring or not, I can stare at Ryan Gosling all day.


The things I noticed that allow you time to fit so much in? You do stuff while you watch TV. I tried this but most of the time I want my veg time to be veg time. No multi-tasking. I do that all day.

The other thing I noticed is that you wake up earlier than I do and workout first thing. This frees up the rest of your day. Do you always workout that early and how many mornings have you been running with this group?

Tanika Davis said...

First thing I noticed: Running.
Second thing I noticed: 5:45 a.m.
After that, I was too busy trying to determine if you were a human being or some kind of super-alien from another planet (and i mean this in a good way!) to notice too much else.
Also, do you do meal-planning daily or weekly? I never have time to cook during the week, so I do it all on the weekends, which means I am often cooking things I know will keep for several days. I'd rather cook fresh, but I just can't figure out how to make that work! Ugh!
P.S. You inspire me!!!!

Tanika Davis said...

Here's my day: Here's my day:
6:30 alarm goes off
6:45 alarm goes off again
7:00 FINE, I'll get up. Dammit.
7:15 either shower while Lester gets hollering boys up, or I get hollering boys up while he showers
7:30-8 spend half the time getting ready, the other half of the time keeping boys from a) pulling all my books and other things off the shelves b) playing with our cell phones c) beating each other up
8-8:15 (when I'm supposed to be in the car on the way home) Finish getting ready; go downstairs to put together my lunch and snacks for the day, lay out clothes for the boys, put their oatmeal in the microwave, draw up my insulin, check the time and scream out, "Ohmygod, look what time it is!!!"
8:20 get in car, speed to work
8:40 -5 work, pee, gchat, pee, blog, pee, work, pee, order things on amazon, pee, work, work, work, pee
5:30 home with boys. pee. sit on couch and read a million books, try to coax Dean out of multiple mood swings/temper tantrums, give Dean a tissue for the microscopic wetness under his nostril to get him to stop screaming, "Teeshew, PEES!! Teeshew!!!", help with puzzles, read more books, give lots of kisses, sing funny songs, stop boys from throwing their toys over the baby gate, stop boys from pushing toys through the radiator slats, stop boys from beating each other up. say the words "share," and "listen to Mommy," and "Be nice, boys" and "Please be patient," a thousand times. send boys to timeout. pray lester gets home before i start crying.
6:30 Warm up dinner. Serve boys in their chairs. Attempt to let them feed themselves. Give up and just spoonfeed them. Fend off meltdowns by playing the "Is Nana here? Is Granddad here? Is Auntie Hira here?" game. Fail miserably.
7:15 Lester takes boys upstairs for their bath. I clean up the kitchen and dining room. When not pregnant, I also clean up the toys which are everywhere, but bending is out of the question now, so that's now Lester's job too.
7:45 bring warmed bottles upstairs for boys. play with one boy while other boy is finishing getting lotioned and pajamed. switch boys.
8 p.m. Prayers, kisses, goodnight to babies.
8 -830 finish whatever cleaning up is left to do
9 retreat to bed to facebook, blog, play words with friends, read, watch TV or a movie with Lester, play solitaire, etc.
10:30 take nighttime insulin, go to bed, wake up a million times to pee. Toss and turn. Wait for day when sleep is again my friend.

This looks JUST like your day, doesn't it? LOL!

Lesley Barr Photography said...

Ummmm, I think you forgot to mention all of the CRACK you smoke to get it all done, and still have time to blog about it. I'm failing miserably in comparison. =) Bring on the crack!!!

Irene said...

I am amazed that you can get kids home, fed, then off to TKD at 6:45 AND have them back in bed by 7:45. How is that possible without lots of yelling and threats?!

windycityvegan said...

Love seeing your schedule - I never doubt how you do it all, but that's only because I've met you and know how awesome you are.

Would love to see a schedule of how you get things accomplished when Jon is out of town, though! I imagine that since he travels so much, you have that pretty much down pat, too.

I think I will play along and do a Day in the Life post in the next few days. We have things so scheduled that I don't even think about it anymore, so it will be nice to look at it with fresh eyes.

Tiffany said...

Ok, I'll play along. People always wonder how I manage to find time to cook. Truth is, I'm alway borrowing time. I'll aim for Friday.

Janna said...

Love this post! So interesting to see the daily life stuff - thanks for posting. I did one of these when the boys were 18 months, but maybe I should again now that they're almost four. It might help me actually take some pictures again.

Oh and that is SO awesome that you can run early in the morning - you are a huge bada$$!