Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Yep, another project 365

Every year I say THIS is going to be the year I complete a Project 365, where you take a photo a day for a year. Three times I have started the project and abandoned it. A rational, sane person would say, "Maybe this thing doesn't work for me" but instead I decided I would finally complete it in 2012. When there are 366 days, of course.

Things I am doing differently this time:
  • I am not going to share it here. The pressure actually made it harder for me.
  • I am going to use instagram like no one's business.
  • Much fewer posed photos, many more "lifestyle" photos. Like yesterday's photo.

I'm going to use this year to experiment with different camera techniques I have been wanting to try. This morning I wanted to take a quick shot of the toothpaste Alex had smeared all over his face but he mostly got it off by the time I got the camera. My camera was already set to f1.8 so I kept it there for a quick shot. MISTAKE.

Day 4

Doesn't this look like some terrible school picture gone horribly wrong?
On the upside, I totally nailed the focus at f1.8 while standing super close to him.


Joanna said...

I think he looks cute as a button.

I considered doing an instagram 365 but I already forgot to snap a picture yesterday. I made it 2 whole days before forgetting. Oops.

Angel said...

I'm doing a 365 project too. I signed up on the site so hopefully that keeps me motivated.

Beth said...

I think it's adorable, too. Maybe this will be the year you complete 365 (366) and I stop biting my nails! LOL.

Anonymous said...

Love it! I started a 365 blog to post pics and still deciding whether to share it or not. On the one hand I think it would keep my accountability, but like you said the pressure might also make me say forget it. so for now its secret:)-A

Tanika Davis said...

Clearly I am visually impaired because I actually like that picture. Maybe I just like Alex so much, it doesn't matter?

Goddess in Progress said...

I think it's a cute picture! And you totally nailed the focus, nicely done. :-)

One of my goals for 365 is NOT to put a ton of pressure on myself to get a great shot every time. Over the course of the year, I'm sure there will be some real winners. But I'm not going to make myself nuts trying to get something artsy or just-so every day.

Anandi said...

I love how your lifestyle photo looks AWESOME. heh. I know, I'll stop gushing.

I figured you take photos every day, no? Or is it the pressure of picking one and posting it for a 365 project the issue? That's why I can't do one. I tried it for T's first year, and got most days but not all. (and only went through them once a month, not daily!)

Heather said...

That pic is sooooo cute! I do need to try to get myself to take more pics, but I'm thinking of playing with some more videos too. There are so many precious moments in a day that I know I need to capture! Good luck!