Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January round up

During 2010 Best Year Ever, at the end of each month I did a summary of how we were making that year awesome. I decided to do it again this year!

In the month of January:
  • We visited Irene and family in Charlotte
  • Grandma Roxane visited and got to be the first guest ever at a Gingerbread House Smash
  • I bought a full frame camera and fell IN LOVE
  • We visited my sister and family in Phoenix
  • We started hiking as a family
  • I ran 73 miles
  • I read 9 books and picked up 9 more that I didn't finish

What I didn't do: I never posted the rest of the Phoenix photos. I needed some time with Photoshop to get to know my new RAW files. They're coming, tomorrow. Thank you for your:



heather v said...

I can't imagine a fellow list lover not making a monthly wrap up :P

Love that Mondo pic, a nice ending for a good month.

Joanna said...

I love the juxtaposition between crazy busy month and the ending of patience.

Eva said...

Love this! Your January was so packed, and I appreciate the enumeration of it!

Tanika Davis said...

NINE books! I can't even get through the first nine chapters of a book I started around the holidays. Ugh!
Can't wait until my life is slightly less hectic. I love reading!

Gen said...

Hi Laura! We totally don't know each other, but I've been reading your blog for a few years now. I saw this on Pinterest today and totally thought of you (I hope that isn't too wierd... :)

Star Wars Family Member Car Stickers:


I have to admit they are pretty awesome!

Walsh4 said...

I was thrilled that I read two whole books in month...

How, when.. Do you have the time.

I think a day in the life of post is in order!

Beth said...

You MUST get the Star Wars decals. Hysterical! Yes--you put us other goal-seekers to shame. I can't figure out how you're able to pull off reading so many books, and yet you STILL watch TV. Do you function on very little sleep? I think a day in the life is a good idea. We should all post a day in the life. It would probably give us all some good perspective!

Cacey said...

I like your Toms! I want a pair too, but I think my "birthday shoes" this year will be Converse!