Monday, December 12, 2011

A new series: "After the Shot"

If you know me, you know when I did the sled pictures, I didn't *just* take sled photos. We took some fun shots after we were done.

Insert "mom is making us take pictures again" cheeseface:


Like I've said over and over, I'm done trying to get them to take "good" pictures. That's not what our life looks like. Our life looks much more like this:


The boys decided they wanted jumping shots. People asked why Nate was Rudolph... because Alex doesn't like to take direction. He just wants to jump however he wants to jump...


while Nate can do just about any pose in the air.


I'm loving this new zen attitude with photos of my boys. They (both the photos and the boys) may not be perfect but they're my crazy boys.


PS. I was out last night and Jon said the boys were AMAZINGLY GOOD all night. Crazy how Elfie works, huh? Last night Elfie decided to make his own star for the tree.



Joanna said...

Considering I keep saying that you should do a book of "Boys will be Boys" photos, you know how much I love these pictures. The squished noses is my favorite.

I showed your card to one of my neighbors, she thought it was the best Christmas card ever. I tend to agree.

Kara said...

Love them! Their personalities really shine in these pictures!

Lindsay said...

Love the squished noses pic. =)

Joanna said...

So THAT explains it. Very fun and clever! I love the candid photos.