Friday, December 09, 2011

The crazies kind of won a little bit

First order of business: Elfie was playing with the At At last night. Because who has seen Empire Strikes Back and not dreamed of doing this?!


Second order of business: yesterday I posted the full story of our holiday card on my photography blog. For those that haven't seen it, I am SUPER PROUD of this card:


Third order of business: photo stealing. In the last week, I got two more emails about stolen photos. One was super crazy - a guy used Nate and Alex's baby and toddler photos for a year to court a 15 year old girl. The other was run-of-the-mill fake Facebook page with the boys' photos.

ALL of my photos that have been stolen have been stolen from Picasa. When you upload your photos to Blogger, Google creates a Picasa web album for you. In the past, people could only see those photos if they navigated to your blog OR if they had the direct link for the album. They did NOT show up in Google image searches. If you sign up for Google+, they import ALL of your Picasa web albums into your PUBLIC profile (you can not have a private Google+ profile). Ever since I signed up for Google+, more and more of my photos were stolen.

Frankly I don't have time to deal with this over and over. To deal with the issue, I:
  • deleted my Google+ profile
  • sent extremely ranty emails to Google+ about their photo privacy issues. This is why Facebook is going to win this race peoples - privacy.
  • I made ALL of my Picasa pictures private. That means 1400 (!!!) photos are now missing from the first few years of this blog.

All of the baby pictures, all of the toddler pictures - POOF. Gone from the blog. And I have to accept I will never have time to move all 1400 pictures over to Flickr and replace the links.

I can't end this blog post on a negative note though because then the crazies really win. I've said it before and I'll say it again - this blog is my baby book. And even though I don't have their baby photos on the actual blog anymore, I will always have the blogbooks. And the blogbooks are AWESOME.




Wiley said...

There's so much awesomeness here that I don't know where to start. Elfie wins the cool competition for pictures of elf on a shelf this week.

The Christmas card is beyond amazing and wow are people ever crazy.

Do you have digital copies of the blogbooks with all the images in place as well?

Lindsay said...

1) Jealous of Elfie!
2) Blog books is what keeps my blog from dying completely. I would miss the books!

Joanna said...

Elfie is so cool. I want to be him. Would he mind coming to do my job while I get to have fun?

Carrie77 said...

WOW that bites. I am so glad now that I haven't signed up for Google+!!! And, why is a 15 year old girl interested twin boys?
This reminds me that I REALLY need to work on converting my blogs over to hardbound blog books.

Eva said...

I adore the holiday card. It's so much awesomeness.

I can't get over the photo stealing. I just can't get my head around why someone wants to do that. I'm so sorry you had to delete the photos from your blog. I know when I moved to WP to be private and I just lost the video links, that was frustrating. And very few people read my blog, unlike yours.

Now I'm super glad I haven't joined google +!

claudia said...

We have family 16mm film dating back to the early 1920’s some of which was converted to 8mm film and then super 8 and then video and now digital. Much is lost or no time to convert all of it. I often think of the movies of my triplet sibling’s vaginal birth, that was captured by the doctors 59 years ago, no doubt rotting in my brother’s attic because all of us are too busy (lazy) or haven’t made it a priority to convert it. My point is that having your blog books is incredible. Can you imagine your great great grandchildren sharing them with their children? Having your hard copies may not be totally archival but they will last a long time. Black and white still photography has outlasted all of the predictions. You rock and your family will thank you for generations.

Tanika Davis said...

LOVE the holiday card!
HATE the crazies.

I mean, I totally understand your decision, but part of the reason why I fell in love with your blog when I stumbled across it, was the fact that I could SEE how awesome it was to have two little boys running around driving you crazy and cracking you up! I loved your words and your wisdom, but the photos really put it over the edge.

I hate the thought now of some other woman sitting in her basement, pregnant with twins and scared to death, missing out on that!

Boooo to wackos! Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, you can be PROUD.
How have you thought about it. How did you get this amazing idea? WOW.
Greetings from Marion.

Tanika Davis said...

Oh, those black boxes make my heart hurt.
Stupid crazy people!!!!!

Kara said...

Elfie rocks! I'm thinking we need an elf next year...

Crazy people suck!

Anonymous said...

can I ask who you use to print your blogbooks?