Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas is so much better as a kid

Christmas exploded at our house this weekend. Friday night we went to the Pullen Park Christmas celebration. This was our FAVORITE holiday activity two years ago (adorable photo and write up here) so we were sad when Pullen Park was closed last year. Never fear: it opened bigger and more awesome than before. We used the same strategy of getting there as soon as it opened and riding the train before the lines got too long.


This was the longest we have ever stayed at Pullen - three hours. We rode the train, rode the carousel, did Christmas crafts, but the overwhelming favorite was the new awesome playgrounds. The only way we got the boys to leave was to promise to bring them back over holiday break.

We ate dinner to some awesome drumming from a local magnet high school.


And... at age 37, I learned a valuable style lesson. A cute hat goes a long way toward covering up a bad hair day.


Saturday afternoon we had to skip the Cary Christmas parade because two boys were SO BAD. Saturday night we had a family baking night which included gingerbread men, buckeyes, oreo balls, and gingerbread houses. Alex might be kicked out of the Verhoff family as he declared oreo balls better than buckeyes. The rest of us love both.


What did Elfie do this morning? NOTHING. Nate and Alex were again VERY BAD on Sunday morning so Santa told Elfie to not do anything fun and not bring any treats for the advent calendar. Sometimes it sucks being the parent at Christmas, but I'm thinking a valuable lesson was learned this morning.



Cacey said...

I had the genius idea of letting my two share a chocolate advent calender this year (it had giant pieces of chocolate). And every.single.morning they fight over them! We tried taking turns but Sophia will take the chocolate and BOLT! No more sharing next year...or no more advent calenders!

Carrie77 said...

Haha! Love the blank Elfie page. At least its a little bit of reality for them :)

Joanna said...

You guys are so adorable! Love the family picture on the train. Love the hat too.

The "blank" Elfie page cracks me up. Those pages crack me up even when I find them in documents at work, so actually finding it in such a situation makes it that much better.

Lindsay said...

Love the first pic! You look beautiful, and all of those boys are pretty cute too. =)

And of course I love that Elfie skipped this morning due to bad behavior. Thanks for backing up my theory that bad behavior = no treats even at Christmas time. Gah. Nice to know I'm not alone. (I can't tell you how many times I almost deleted that tweet!)

Tanika Davis said...

Wait -- what was wrong with Nate's hair that you had to cover it up with a hat? ;-)

Stacey said...

Cute pictures!

In response to Cacey's comment, we have one Lego advent calendar and one boy gets the odd days and the other the even. Cole takes this rule very seriously and surprisingly Will goes along with it too.