Monday, October 17, 2011

Yes, I am alive!

Super busy at work + super busy with photography + best month of the year = very little personal computer time. Let me catch you up on the last week. We went to Chicago for two reasons: to visit Jon's sister and family before they move to England in January and I needed to visit work.

As you might imagine, when you get three cousins five and under together, there is a ton of fun. The weather was gorgeous when we were in Chicago so we did a lot of stoop sitting while the kids ran around and played. We also managed to hit a pumpkin farm that was HUGE.


They had a petting zoo that was a huge hit with the kids.


And of course, the enormous corn pit was the favorite. Don't ask what Alex is doing, I don't understand it either.


We also hit the Lincoln Park Zoo, which is a free zoo in the city.


Do you see the short sleeved shirts in Chicago in October? It was glorious.


(I can't really let a photo post go by without some "real" photos... this was Nate's face in 99% of the photos.)


Jon's mom Roxane was also in town for the weekend, adding to the fun.


While we were there, I also did a quick shoot for Jon's sister and family. I'm not sharing their family pictures since I think they'll be used for holiday cards but I can post this as a thank you to Liz and Andy for hosting us yet again!


Oh Laura! What else did you do in Chicago? My Mondo friend Natalie met us to do our family photo shoot. Upon returning home with hundreds of photos from Chicago with NONE of me and Jon, I realized I needed to post something to remind us that we were in Chicago too. And this is an inside joke between me and Jon, because photographers always ask us to gaze longingly at each other and we just laugh. And hate our profiles.


Chicago was a siren that week. The gorgeous weather could make you forget that it will soon be -40 and windy as hell. I commuted each day downtown from the North side and this was my morning commute view:


I also had dinner with a good friend Julie and surprised her with a photo shoot. Her kids... ADORABLE!


I came back from Chicago to gorgeous weather here. Weekend highlights included: boys' starting basketball, trip to Marbles museum, lots of fall planting and yard work, and a trip to their favorite park, KidsTowne.

I also spent a good bit of time testing out a lens I am not going to buy. Saved myself $$$!


The rest of this month promises to be INSANE. Somewhere in my brain I have a post mulling around about how thankful I am I launched my photography business, and how grateful I am for my clients who believe in me. It seemed like a pipe dream 18 months ago and the reality is AMAZING.

I'm happy things are insane. I'm happy I followed my dreams. Happy happy just busy.


Janna said...

LOVE these pics - so happy that you got an amazing week in Chicago! I've never been and now I want to.

Happy you are happy! Love you Laura!

Miche said...

Looks like fun!

Which lens?

JenFen said...

I have yet to see a corn pit here in California but I think my kids would love it. Gorgeous pics and so glad to hear you had such a wonderful time with amazing weather. Miss you around the computer but happy you are enjoying the busy.

Joanna said...

I'm glad you posted that you are alive, I was starting to wonder.

Also, om nom nom. Delicious photos.

Karen said...

Chicago in the fall looks beautiful. And I know what you mean about not having any pictures of you and Jon. I was looking at our pictures from this year and there are few of Todd & I.

Happy busy is a good thing!

Carrie77 said...

Beautiful pictures! Jon is so tall! I always wonder how tall you are! Heheh!! You are right, October is a great month.

Beth said...

What a wonderfully happy post! Glad you had such a great trip, and glad that you are back!

Erin Burns said...

This post makes ME happy! It's fun to see all your work come to fruition.

Love all the Chicago pics, of course. But the cousins ones are super sweet.
You and your profiles make me laugh. Matt and I can never pull that one off either!

Tanika Davis said...

We are having the same thoughts (and very similar posts)! Pumpkin farms, blogging-breaks, busy-ness and gratefulness. Maybe fall is like this for a lot of women? Anyway, gorgeous colors in the photos. And you and Jon look great. I like that blue shirt-thingy you have on. And you have on jewelry! I can never get it together enough to pull out mine.

Heather V said...

Great Chicago photos. I LOVE what the everyone wore for family photos. You are rocking that belted look with some kickin' jewelry.

I'm with you on busy. Posts to be written but no time.

Glad you are happy busy, esp with the photography business growing and growing.

Julie said...

Short sleeves in Chicago in October? Awesome! Love your belt with the cardi--super cute (I have a love affair with cardis right now, but I have not tried the belt--it looks doofy on me).

Great photos of beautiful children all around, as usual :)

Anandi said...

every time i see your photos, i think "man, she really has a gift". seriously. you convey such vivid *feelings* in your photos and I've never met any of the people in them. just awesome.

Megan said...

So glad to read this post! So glad that you are the best type of busy- the happy busy. I'm noticing a theme! Great times had by all- so glad!

ememby said...

Gorgeous pictures... want to come to Michigan sometime and shoot ours? ;)