Thursday, October 13, 2011

Remember that time?

I went to Chicago for a week and didn't tell anyone ahead of time and didn't write on my blog for a week?


(Why haven't you downloaded Instagram yet? I am LauraCase there.)

That's not entirely true. I did tell work people because I worked from the office for a few days. And I did tweet about my misadventures riding the El. (Those who don't know, I will always have a burning hatred for CTA because I was in a train wreck on the El. Hundreds of people hurt. I got a concussion.)

Oh yeah, and Jon's family knew because we got to see Jon's mom, and sister and her family. The cousins had a BLAST. More on that later.



Beth said...

Welcome back!

Joanna said...

Oh yeah, and she told everyone over at Move It 2011...

You keep secrets about as well as I do ; p

Julie said...

You got a concussion on the El in a wreck? WTH? Yeah, that would give me a burning hatred for it too.

Karen said...

Hope you had a good time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Laura, hope you all had a nice time.
I have a question. I know that cable jersy's are this winter (and always) very populair. I bought one myself. I like the ones of Alex and Nate and told my niece Hege in Vancouver (friend of Cathy) about it. She loves it.
Can you tell me in which shop you bought them? Maybe that shop is also in Canada? Otherwise she has to look for herself.
Greetings from Marion in the Netherlands.

Anonymous said...

I mean ofcourse that she wantts to look for the jersey's for her two boys, one nearly 6 and one 3.1/2 .
I like to give them now already as a present for my journey to them in march next year.