Monday, October 24, 2011

My least favorite thing about fall and spring

We had another completely full fall weekend filled with trips to the park, photo sessions, time with my favorite peeps from fellowship, and crossing items off our Fall Fun List. But seriously peoples, I am about to LOSE IT over the daily bickering about the weather.


The boys are obsessed with the weather. They check my weather app every morning and report on what the day will be like. Today! 75! Sunny! That means shorts mommy!

It was 45 when we headed to the outdoor bus stop. I spent about 15 minutes arguing about wearing pants, short sleeved shirt, sweatshirt, and coat. At day care, this was a non-issue as everything got jammed in their cubby. At elementary school, this is a much bigger issue as sometimes things don't make their way home and never make their way to Lost and Found.

The argument ended when I said, "FINE. Freeze outside, I don't care. But don't complain to me when you are cold and you will be very very cold because it is 45."

I feel like 90% of the conversations with two 5.5 year olds in the house end in "FINE!"


Joanna said...

I think the reason all fights end with "Fine" is because they think they have won, and therefore give up. At least that seems to be what happens with Michael.

While dressing for this weather is difficult, at least you can let them learn the lesson about how cold 45 is without them freezing to death. And yes, I've done it.

Maria said...

We do the same thing here. It was 38 at the bus stop this morning. My girls learned quickly that if Mommy says it'll be cold, it will be cold. We actually hear "yeah yeah we know, it's chilly now, but it'll be warm later" I love natural consequences.

Cacey said...

Haha, I totally feel you on this one. Elijah comes out almost every morning in shorts and a t-shirt and I have to send him back. Even if we don't leave the house, it's still too cold to wear shorts right now! He's gotten into the habit of asking me when he gets dressed every morning if we're going somewhere. "Going somewhere" means he has to wear jeans and not sweats/fleece pants. *sigh* I don't have to tell you which he prefers. FINE!

Angela said...

HAHAHA. This is so funny because it is so true, across the board when dealing with this age :-)

Stacey said...

I've been having Cole stand on the porch for two minutes before deciding to argue with me about clothes. It's working great, but he doesn't like being cold.

DesiDVM said...

We had the epic clothes fight a couple weeks ago. J is having a hard time understanding the difference between Vegas and Denver weather, so every freaking day we have to fight about whether he needs a jacket or long pants or long sleeves etc. I finally let him learn the hard way, and he went to school on a somewhat cold day without his jacket and with shorts on. I know the teachers probably thought I was a bad parent but it stopped the arguing.