Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A game for you!

We're at the state fair today so I've left a game for you. Name five things wrong in the following photo. Look closely then scroll down for the answers.


Are you ready?


Okay here you go:

1. It's October 17 and the ice cream truck is still coming around our house. SIX MONTHS of always saying yes to the ice cream truck. Stupid Laura Case Life Rules.

2. Is Alex color blind or did he inherit his fashion sense from me and Jon? Everyone knows Spider-man doesn't go with Star Wars!

3. OMG. Nate is wearing something tie-dyed. From YMCA camp, not us.

4. Nate ate the strawberry part of the neopolitan ice cream sandwich first. STRAWBERRY, the most inferior of ice cream flavors. (Unless it is homemade.)

5. Does that bomb pop look ridiculously large to you? Look again:


Let me note for the record the blue coming out of Alex's nose is NOT Bomb Pop, it is blue marker from camp. It is unknown whether the marker was in his nose or the marker was on a finger which was in his nose.

Did you find anything else wrong with the photo? (Joanna?????)


Maria said...

Found all but the strawberry first (maybe he ate it first so he could cleanse the palette for the other flavors?)

Sidewalk chalk isn't everywhere...

Beth said...

Stupid Flickr. But it's kind of fun reading the descriptions without seeing the pictures, too. LOL. Hope the fair was a blast!!!

ememby said...

I always eat the worst parts first and save the best for last... I'm a delayed gratification type of person ;)

Joanna said...

OK, I snorted when I got to the bottom and saw my name asking for what I saw wrong in the photo. I had already formed my list on a sticky note. I found 4 things.

1. Nate should be wearing a Star Trek shirt.

2. The boys are not wearing sandals over their socks.

3. There is no mortar holding the stones of your steps together. What, did they just glue fake rock surfaces on? Oh. Never mind.

4. The boys are using side walk chalk on paper.

Also, I looked really hard, and I still can't find Waldo.

Tanika Davis said...

Ummm, Laura, clearly Alex has way MORE fashion sense than you and Jon, as everyone knows mixing patterns is SO in for fall!


Alex is a fashionisto!

Heather V said...

Funny! Have a super time at the NC State Fair. We opted for Sunday so we could do the Demolition Derby. Even with pre-sale I'm already $77 bucks in the hole.

If I ever get a tatoo, I'm considering "FRIED DOUGH = LOVE"

Lesley Barr Photography said...

I got stuck on shorts and tshirts in Mid October. This weather is insane and I'm LOVING it!

Julie said...

Joanna's comments are hilarious!

jennifer w mccullough said...

Love this picture & loved reading about how you listened to that "little whisper in your heart" (Andrea's blog)!