Friday, September 02, 2011

Just what the parents ordered

This week we got the boys' daily schedule at Curriculum Night and learned recess is 35 minutes. That explains the crazy hyperactivity in our house. That is much less time outside than they had at day care. As my friend Joanna pointed out, "kids need to be aired out."

Because of their craziness, I've had NO HOPE of them cooperating for photos. Last night I decided to bust out my camera to record their antics for proof. For the record, no children were harmed during these antics.


I wonder why I feel more tired as the boys age? Oh right, because their antics just get crazier. (I swear we do laundry peoples, Alex is just a dirty dirty kid.)


Don't worry, Alex got his fair share of hurt in their play.


I think one of the hardest aspects of this as a parent is knowing when to let them play and knowing when it goes too far. At least on this night, fun was had by everyone. And yes, that is Alex's other dirty sock on Nate's hand.


We're heading out to the beach for a week. A week to play in the sand, listen to the waves crash, and let the boys get as much airing out as they need. I know Jon wants to rest. Nate and Alex want to play. And I want to top this shot, from last year's beach trip.

Beach Boys

I might not top it but at least I'll be
at the beach (my favorite place)
with my family (my favorite people)
and enjoying Lindsay's margarita punch (my favorite summer cocktail).

Lindsay's Margarita Punch:
one can frozen limeade
fill empty can half full with tequila
fill empty can 1/4 full with triple sec
one Corona
one Sprite

Mix and enjoy. Makes 4 margaritas, or two very big ones for the beach.

Happy Labor Day everyone!


Miche said...

Have fun!

Carrie77 said...

Have a fun beach trip!

Nicola said...
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Megan said...

Enjoy the time with your family!! We too are struggling with the 'not a lot of recess' time. Seren told us that there was no recess time in her half day program. We aren't sure if this is true or not. Regardless, Kindergarten is HARD CORE!

Lindsay said...

I really like these pictures of HOW the boys are. Good "kids will be kids" shots.

And yea for margarita punch!

Beth said...

I am SO making that punch this weekend. And I Luurve your porch furniture. Happy Happy vacay!

Kara said...

Have a great time! Can't wait to see pics. I will definitely have to try Lindsay's margarita punch.

erinlaughs said...

Have a great beach vacation!

That photo totally inspired me. Can't wait to see what you get this time!

Cacey said...

Ha I forgot to tell you to have a great trip during all the editing emails yesterday, sorry! Anyway,I love the pics of the boys roughhousing. My brothers and I always did stuff like that. What's crazy is that my two fight like that sometimes, just for fun. And one is practically a baby. Kids are crazy!

Karen said...

Have a great beach trip! We are heading to the beach this weekend too.

Julie said...

Enjoy your beach vacay! And that punch sounds weird but in a good way :) I am always fascinated by the rough play in boy households. We do not have that at all. We do have beauty parlor pretend play though!

Have a great time and I hope your antibiotics are kicking in!

Tami said...

Your blog should also be called "All of the most amazing recipes in the world are hidden in here somewhere!" What a great find in the middle of all of the beautiful pictures and stories about your boys. I can't wait to try this punch, it sounds AWESOME!