Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How you can judge me

All I can say about the comments yesterday is STEVE HOLT! Love you guys.

I had grand plans to work on photo editing last night after the kids went to bed but instead, I had to spend my evening getting organized. FOR KINDERGARTEN. I pretty much blame every parent who reads this who has kids older than mine for not warning me HOW INSANE the paperwork for kindergarten is. Add in TWINS and things are even more insane.

(I filled out FOURTEEN field trip permission slips yesterday. And 8 field trip lunch order forms in duplicate.)

So I set up a little school organization system in our kitchen. I took crap pictures with my iphone because it's been that kind of week.

Organization 1

Up until now, we had been using a monthly calendar to manage things. But after a month of kindergarten, it was clear we needed a bigger calendar. So I switched us to a weekly calendar. Here's our next week, actually a pretty calm week.

Organization 2

I can not tell you how much better I feel after a night of getting things in order, with everything having a home and a system. Before this, our entire side counter would be covered with piles. Now it is back to exactly how I like it. Clean and organized.

And you can go ahead and judge my "sad empty" fridge doors... but the reason they are sad and empty is the two long drawers under that counter are junk drawers. #1 reason I love this house: INSANE STORAGE.

Org 3


Beth said...

I love being organized too. And look at those kitchen counters---no clutter at all! I'm quite impressed. Ours are usually littered with markers, pens, drawings, papers, my laptop, fruit bowls, etc.

Joanna said...

Yes, this kindergarten thing is so much work. Who knew? Not sure what I'm going to do about the filing system. I can never get Andy to follow any of the ones I come up with.

So far, the monthly calendar is holding up for us. I'm not sure I could do the weekly thing since I need to see the events on a visual time scale. I may just have to get a bigger calendar.

And I would love to see pictures of your junk drawers...I bet they are neat.

Maria said...

Yes, but you don't get to look at all the pics that didn't make canvas!

I would have warned you about the kindergarten paperwork, but here it's not like that. At all. Not even close. We also get permission slips the week of the field trip, but your way seems much better. Seriously.

Carrie77 said...

I use Google calendar, its on my phone or I can pull it up online from anywhere. I heart it! I also believe you can do a calendar and more then one person can access it (say for a family calendar). Your kitchen is freaking clean and orderly! Love it!

Janna said...

Your fridge is awesome! Don't let anyone judge your family fridge choices.

Also, I meant to leave this comment on your beach post, but my computer was acting up - LOVE your white sundress!!!

Threeundertwo said...

If people knew how much paperwork is required for school, they'd never have kids. Luckily our middle school and high school are moving to doing 90% of this junk online.

I use google calendar for myself, but keep calendar updated for the whole family. It's great because my husband and I update lists and to-do's on there independently, and the kids can just print out their own activities. Highly recommended.

JenFen said...

Okay like Maria, I would have warned you about the paperwork, except its not as insane here, although I will admit I hate doing the duplicate paperwork now that I have two kids at the same school.

I use google calendar on my desktop, which I work on and it automatically syncs with my phone so I always have my calendar with me wherever I go. BUT I have a dry erase weekly calendar that I update every Sunday night that looks similar to yours - only I also add what is on the menu for dinner each night so every member of the family can see who has what going on AND what's for dinner.

And as for my similar, although not quite as clean "sad" bare fridge, I put a corkboard in the office for favorite photos, drawings and art projects of the kids. It hangs over their in-boxes, which is where all the paperwork, homework and classwork from school goes.

Eva said...

Please, please, please come to my house and organize my life. Pretty please?

Michele said...

I succumbed to the weekly calendar this week too. It's impossible to keep wup with who has which "specials" classes each day.

But I'm using dry erase boards for now.

Do the boys have simlar homework schedules? Lily's homework is due weekly, whereas Madeleine's is all due at the end of the month. So it's hard to keep them on track.

Goddess in Progress said...

Madness! Sort of glad I get to put the "real school" thing off until 1st grade, since my kids will most likely stay at their school through K.

I would love to be that organized. I have fleeting moments of it, but am usually so cluttered. Ugh.

Gillian said...

Actually, I think the reason the paperwork is so crazy for you is that your kids' school seems to be more organized than mine. Instead of giving us a big bundle at the beginning of the year we get a little here and there all year long. I was drooling over the idea of the excel spreadsheet that listed out all the volunteer opps for the year. And it sounds like you filled our all their permissions slips for the entire year? that's awesome. The part of paperwork management that is hard/terrifying for me is that feeling that I have missed something, or am about to miss something, or am currently missing something. Doing all that paperwork seems painful but at least you can plan ahead!!

Stacey said...

Are those 42 inch cabinets? If so, jealous! I agree that the massive amount of initial paperwork is probably because the school is organized which is a good thing. The bigger question is what to do with all the art projects and other kid generated products from school. My husband thinks I'm heartless because I chuck all of Cameron's "artwork" from daycare. I'm like, "Dude" we have 16 more years of this, I'm not keeping a finger painting for nostalgia's sake!"

Miche said...

Love your kitchen! In a non creepy yet creepy sort of way I thought of you during my run last weekend.

I kept expecting to see you as I was running because I'm pretty sure you live realllly close to my husband's brother and SIL just based on the pictures you have posted.

If they ever need family pictures I'll definitely send them your way :)

Shari said...

Our girls' teacher told the girls I must be really organized because I return all papers the next day. She's wrong. I'm just afraid that if I don't deal with it immediately I won't be able to find the papers again. It is crazy and it only gets worse.

Tanika Davis said...

We are no longer friends, because you are WAY too organized. Unless, of course, you want to come to Baltimore and organize my life?! Yes, please!!!

Anonymous said...

I would love it if you could share the plans to your house. All of the photos and descriptions make it sound amazing, especially all the storage!! We are planning on moving in the next year and will build. I am looking for ideas and would love to see a layout of your house.