Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yes I know, another kindergarten post

This one is to give hope to all the day care people going through what we went through.

For over 3 years, we would put the boys to bed at 7:30 and not hear a peep the rest of the night. Jon and I were able to get stuff done and relax. Roughly 18-24 months ago, the boys were ready to give up their nap. BUT they were in day care, where they still had a two hour nap. TWO HOURS of nap they did not need.

We then had 18-24 months of evening hell. We moved bedtime back to 8PM but it was not unusual to get cries for help at 9, 9:30, 10, even 10:30. And it wasn't the boys' fault - they were not tired. When Jon traveled, I would often have days where I was "on" for 16 straight hours. Some nights I put a movie on for them at 7:30 to get 90 minutes of quiet time to get stuff done. Some nights were my worst parenting nights, where I was yelling at someone or unclogging a toilet at 11PM.

It sucked sucked sucked SUCKED. It is the only thing we did not like about being in group day care, but you take the bad with the good.

As much as we looked forward to no more day care payments, we looked forward to no more naps MORE. And after a week of kindergarten, I can say IT IS HEAVEN AGAIN to shut their bedroom doors at 7:30 and not hear a peep.

Like I said on Monday morning, this whole week has been a huge BREATHING OUT.


Beth said...

Leaving the daycare naps behind was the BEST thing about moving on to kindergarten!! We had the exact same issue, and it was hell. Definitely made worse by the fact that there were two of them. It is heavenly to get them to bed earlier and have the whole night. Enjoy!!

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

The early bedtime/no night waking is pure heaven. I'm so happy for you!
Here we are having the reverse problem, in which the 3-year-old still needs the two-hour nap, but won't take it, becomes Captain Crapapple all evening, and then still wakes at night because he is overtired and screwed up. ACK. I know, this is a phase that will pass... Meanwhile, please enjoy your sleep on my behalf!

Tanika Davis said...

This is very encouraging. Too bad I have a zillion years to go to get to this. Sigh.
I'm also reading Jessica's comment and feeling like she's singing my song -- except in my life, it's the SECOND nap that they still need and won't take. So I have to wean them of TWO naps a day before I can get to your nirvana. Say a little prayer for me, will ya? Thanks.

Joanna said...

Three things I won't miss about daycare:

1. Naps
2. Payments
3. Water Play days

In descending order of how much I hate them. I so cannot wait!

Kara said...

I love nights like that. One day I hope it becomes the norm.

Jackie said...

O...M...G!! We are SO there right now! We are leaving behind the daycare naps when we move our kids into a 'traditional' pre-school later this month. Even though they'll only be going into EC3, the school only has a 30 minute quiet time for EC3 and 4 (okay, the downside to pre-school vs. daycare - we're now hiring an afternoon nanny to pick them up at 3).

But with our kids turning 4 next month (they JUST miss the cutoff date for EC4), DS in particular has made it abundantly clear that 7:30 will NOT be his bedtime anymore. He now makes a nightly habit of getting out of bed between 7 and 10 minutes after we last leave their room (just long enough for us to get downstairs and get busy with some other task) to go sit on the potty (for which he, of course, requires one of us to help at both the beginning and end). This becomes the first attempt of the night, with as many as 3 to 4 trips to the potty each taking 20-35 minutes.

I cannot tell you the glee with which I have been counting down to the last day of the two hour nap time (along with a number of other reasons we are happy to be leaving our daycare - not insignificantly, the amount of tv they are watching there - especially this past summer!) Only SIX more days! Woohoo!!!

Stacey said...

We are worried about the exact opposite at our house....the boys will be 4 at the end of october and still need and take their nap 99.9% of the time and still go to bed by 8-8:30ish at night. So I'm worried about when they go to school and don't nap anymore. Our evenings may become full of crabbiness!

Tracey (sparkyd) said...

I just had to comment because I am so, so, so hoping that we have this same experience when our 4-year old starts kindergarten in September. It is insane how late he is awake some nights. He's in bed, but wide freakin' awake. It would be so nice to have my evenings back for real. Of course we will then enter the same yuck phase with our two year old, but whatever. At least a few months of dual early bedtimes would be heavenly!

Eva said...

Woohoo, thank you! We'll still have payments next year with private K, but I'm definitely looking forward to dropping the naps and earlier bed time (and fewer call backs after bedtime). Happy for you.

erinlaughs said...

Thank you! Two more years and you will likely read a very similar sentiment on my blog!

Melissa said...

This is a great post. :)

I teach preschool and my class ("older threes" but almost everyone is already four) has a center-mandated naptime from 12:45 to 2:15.

Two of our students sleep the entire time every day.

Three or four still need the nap, but their parents don't want them to so they can go to bed early. I can't MAKE the kids sleep, but I don't wake them up if they crash on their own. :)

The rest of the class does NOT nap on a regular basis, and it's about half and half on which can rest quietly while their friends sleep and which insist on rolling, climbing, doing acrobatics, and basically driving my co-teacher and me crazy for five hours every week.

Shari said...

There's nothing better than putting our girls to bed each night. No matter how much I adore them, I'm exhausted by their bedtime.

I have to tell you that first grade is even better. For the first two or three months they are just so tired when they get home that they will practically put themselves to bed.

ememby said...

daycare naps are the bane of my existence! thankfully Liam's only there two days a week - but then that totally screws up the other days. I am most definitely looking forward to that aspect of kindergarten - thanks for pointing out that upside :)

Anonymous said...

I so hear you on this. Our 3.5 year old boys are in daycare and have to nap too. We put them to bed at 8pm every night and if they slept during nap time at daycare they are up until 9:30 or 10pm.

On the weekends when they don't nap they are out like lights as soon as we shut their bedroom door.

Frustrating for them to have to nap when they are growing out of it but like you said, it's a group daycare so we have no choice in the matter.


Genevieve said...

OMG, thank you, we are not alone!! JK starts in 3 weeks and my son is DONE with daycare! We are struggling at bedtime and he's up for MANY hours, usually until we go to bed! School will be much better for him!