Friday, August 19, 2011

This is so much more important than kindergarten

I have talked too much about kindergarten. Let's get back to the truly important topic: MY HAIR. I have two dilemmas and need objective advice. I am no longer allowed to ask Jon for hair advice as I have used up our relationship's quota of talking about my hair in just 11 short years.

Dilemma 1: I made the decision to grow my hair long one more time in my 30s then cut it short forever. The thing is, I like it short. I love it low maintenance.

Long long long term readers might remember the last time I decided to grow out my hair WHILE I WAS PREGNANT. Dumb mistake. I had no idea how much I would be vomiting. I happily chopped it all off a few weeks later. Then I decided to grow it out again a couple of years later .... and that led to THE MULLET.

I'm just at the point where it is about to get ugly for a few months so I need you, objective readers, to tell me what to do. Grow it out or rock the short hair? (I'm thinking short.)

Self portrait mirror

Dilemma 2: I need my curly girls on this one. When I grew up in the 80s, there were no hair products for white curly girls. NONE. I shopped in the black hair section and tried every product. Then someone invented mousse and it saved my life. I still check out the black hair section for new products all.the.time.

In the last 20 years, I have spent approximately $572,283 trying to find the perfect hair product combination for curly thick white girl hair. Name it, I've tried it. I recently found a new hair product that says on the bottle "FOR WHITE GIRLS TOO!" I tried it and WOW. My hair is soft. There is no frizz. The curls are perfect.

Problem? It smells like gheri curl. (Which I have used, and it made my hair so soft and so frizz free.) (If you have ever used gheri curl you know the smell.)

For reals. DO I USE IT????? Look at how shiny and soft and frizz free my curls look. But eau de gheri curl??


Thoughts? (Alex took this picture of me.)

In other AMAZING NEWS, Nate's leisure dive made Dive of the Day today. Whether it is small dreams or big dreams, follow your passion people. What an awesome way for the Cases to celebrate World Photography Day!

Leisure Dive


Karen said...

My mom has super curly thick hair. I always wanted it growing up as I have super straight hair. She uses a product by Aveda that she buys from Belk. I think it's called So Curly. I know it has a green label on it. She says it works great!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

I actually love your length now and if it is going to drive you crazy to grow it out, go with what you know.

This past year I started going to a new salon and the girl there suggested that I use conditioner as a gel/mousse. After you wash your hair and condition it you put conditioner in your hands and rub them together vigorously (you'll feel like a weirdo) and then put it on and style as usual. It ends up being the consistency of a hair lotion product. It is best to let it air dry. It has worked for me and it is so convenient not having to buy another product.

I thought the girl was crazy and that it would NEVER work without me having crazy frizz but I was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Aveda Be Curly is the best! I mix it with a tiny bit of Aveda Brilliant and it looks great. I think you have a good face for short hair. If you like it, it's cool in the hot weather and low maintenance, why change a good thing?

Miche said...

No idea on the hair but way to go on the picture!

Stacey said...

I am dealing with dilemma #1 too. I am thinking of growing my hair long even though I actually like it better short. It just doesn't make any sense, does it?

I think short hair really suits you, but I'm in awe of long, thick, curly hair in just about any form. It's hard for someone with baby thin, straight-as-a-board hair to stop envying curly hair. My hair looks the same no matter what I do to it (thus I do nothing!). I don't think you can really go wrong.

thellfamily said...

I knew that your practice photo was fantastic -- congrats!
I think you look gorgeous with short hair. But if you really want to try long hair one last time, and you really think you can't do it in your 40's (I of course disagree =) then you may always wonder if you don't stick it out.

Not sure about the smell. Can you ask others if they honestly notice it? Does it fade when it dries? Can you cover it up with something that smells good?

You didn't ask, but I use Catwalk Curls Rock. Someone on FB recently asked for advice and several people suggested, which seems super expensive. And someone else recommended Curly Girl's No Poo plan. FWIW.

JenFen said...

Rock the short hair. I think it is part of your identity to me anyway. It just screams LAURA to me. I love it. Use the stuff that smells like gheri curl and then use a spray for hair to help mask the smell. They make "perfume for hair" type products. Try a little Tressme Fresh Start for example.

And finally, I emailed you before I saw this post but love that that Nate's picture made Dive of the Day. Well deserved.

Lindsay said...

Looks very cute right now! I have zero opinion on the growing hair bit and no curly advice. Just wanted to say it looked great!

windycityvegan said...

I always vote for long hair, so I'm not able to be objective on your first question. You've definitely rocked short hair in the past, but I think your hair looks really good right now, too!

If you resist the urge to shear your curls for awhile, my favorite product, hands down, is Aveda's Be Curly. A good conditioner makes a difference, too, and I am currently in love with Davines Love Lovely Smoothing Conditioner for Harsh Frizzy Hair.

Joanna said...

I love your hair short. It's a hard look for so many women, but you look great with it. I liked it when it was super short, and I like it now. Why go through weeks of dissatisfaction with your hair only to grow it out and then be reminded of why you always cut it short in the first place?

I've yet to find the perfect hair product for my fine wavy hair, so I really cannot give you advice on any products.

And let me just say that I am not at all surprised by your picture making leisure dives. It's an awesome picture and Nate looks so angelic.

Erin S said...

I say keep it short. I have been trying to grown my hair out for about two years now and it is such a pain. I think you look great with short hair and I am jealous of the low maintenance factor.

As for products, I have used Be Curly and think it works pretty well. I am currently using Deva Curl, which, despite the ridiculous name, works well. There is a gel and also a spray that I use. And it doesn't make my hair "crispy" which I hate. I would have trouble getting past the smell issue, but that's just me.

erinlaughs said...

I'm conflicted on your hair dilemma. I really like your hair at all three lengths. For me, I generally grow my hair until it drives me batty, and then I cut it short.

Have you tried the curly girl no poo method? I go with that because I'm lazy and it works well for me, but my waves are nothing like your curls.

Love that Nate made the site!

Jill said...

Sorry I have no curl advice. BUT, I love this pic! It's so awesome.

Carrie77 said...

I use Curls Rock and Potion #9 by Sebastian. I want to try Aveda's Be Curly now!! I'd stay short, short is really cute on you! Maybe you can do a different short cut? Not sure what though :)

Jen said...

I need to know more about the hair product you're using. I might be able to deal with the jeri curl smell. Your hair looks really cute at this length.

Goddess in Progress said...

I love your hair this length, I think it looks great on you. You totally rock the short hair, and I think the long will only bug the shit out of you until you finally decide to cut it.

I am useless when it comes to product, since my hair is completely the opposite of yours.

And WOOT on the leisure dive photo!! Follow your dreams, Laura is living proof. (Beefcake, BEEFCAKE!)

Sorry. Couldn't help it.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love your hair posts!

So tell me, is your Aveda stuff not working anymore?

I personally only know you with short hair and I think you look fabulous with both very short hair and the length it is now (GREAT photo by the way - your b**bs look great :)).

I think you should stay short!

Dawn Smith said...

Rock the short hair!! I use Wool Shake by Redken and highly recommend it. -Dawn

Carin said...

Blerg, reposting this comment since I accidentally put it on the mullet post:

I don't know you and I have only been reading this blog for a month or so, but I say definitely short. You are rocking the short cut. The midlength is sort of blah. Dare I say frumpy? You seem nice! I don't want to offend!

Also, I have very very thick wavy hair (Jewish hair), especially on a humid day, and I like this for it:

Because it is inexpensive. A little goes a long way, and it can get very gloopy if you use too much so you have to use a clarifying shampoo to shampoo it out (I like Suave Rosemary/Mint - it's a knockoff of the same by Aveda I believe.)

I am curious to try this Aveda product that everyone is raving about though...

ememby said...

As I girl who always wanted, but never had, long curly hair - I say let me live vicariously through you and grow your hair out.

Also, Design Mom Gabby listed a product/hair care strategy once on her blog - she has lovely curly hair.

And I am also growing my hair out, so I'd love the company.

All that said, short curly hair is mucho cute, too. You really can't go wrong.

Julia said...

I have this intention of letting my hair grow one last time in my 30's too, but it is early for such a radical move yet, hehe.

Definitely let it grow, and try styling it with barrettes or scarves, experiment! That is a good experience if you never went far with hair styling before. I think curlies ROCK with different hair adornments.

Angel and Jonathan said...

I think the short hair is cute. Have you ever tried bangs?

House of Blues said...

As for delimma 1- I LOVE it short!!
Delimma 2...can you spray something good-smelling over the eau-de-geri curl??
And as for the pic, LOVE it!! =)

Irene said...

LMAO!! I love your hair short, but if you are going to go long, then go LONG, like definitely past your shoulders. Then you'll never have to want that again.

Natalie Mikolajczak said...

The product that I recently found that has made a lot of difference is Tressame curl activator. I put that on at the very end. I use gel, and diffuse my hair, and then when I am just about done, I spray the curl activator on it, (it's a bit sticky at first, but it goes away), and diffuse one mo' time. That shit is magic.
Today, I used, HerCut Curly Bob Catalyst, and then used the Tressame curl activator at the end. The activator is magic. I just purchased two bottles from Ulta cuz Target didn't have it anymore, and I panicked.
p.s go long!

Brandy said...

To follow up on Dawn's recommendation...i have some wool shake if you want it. Not for my hair type at all

Tanika Davis said...

Why didn't you ask me????? You MUST HAVE Kinky Curly in your life!!!!!!! I have a friend who is biracial and her hair is super thick and curly and it makes her curls look like you could scoop them up and EAT them. I use it too, when I wear my hair curly, so I can attest to its lovely smell.
We use the leave-in conditioner, called Knot Today, which gives great definition and moisture, and then a little of the Curling Custard for shine and control.
It's hella expensive, but so worth it. And you can buy it at Whole Foods cheaper than you can order it.

You can thank me later.

P.S. Long, long, long! Cut it again when you turn 40.

Libby said...

I like it the length it is in that pic in the mirror. Not too long, not too short. But, whatever makes you happy. That's most important!

Lisa said...

I'm hopelessly behind on blog reading and catching up. So I'll second the nomination for Catwalk Curls Rock. I use it plus It's a 10 miracle styling serum ( Love them both and I hated Aveda Be Curly. Useless in Houston humidity. Good luck. Now I'm going to keep reading.