Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Superhero photo class

I mentioned a few weeks ago I am taking Andrea Scher's Superhero Photo class. Because of the craziness of kindergarten and Jon traveling and the business, I haven't had as much time to dedicate to the class. I have a long list of photos I still need to take for homework. This has been SO FUN and reminded me why I love photography.

Here are photos I've taken for homework, ones I haven't already posted here.

My toes match the crepe myrtles by the pool (PS I hate feet pictures so this was a stretch for me):

Crape Myrtle

A lego battle:

Lego battle

Some beach fun during the magic hour (taken with point and shoot, you don't need fancy camera for this class!):

Alex and sand

Me after a long day (yes my camera and lens is BIG):

sad me

And me, what I usually look like. Taken while my kids played at the playground.

Self Portrait BW

I think one of my strengths as a photographer is taking candids so I've always focused on candids. This class has really made me think more about staged shots to get the photo I want.

This week I realized the boys are not getting enough exercise at kindergarten so I took them for dinner at the pool last night, with the caveat they help me with practicing leisure dive shot. What's a leisure dive? When you dive into a pool leisurely. I call this "Children look like angels when they're sleeping" dive:

Leisure DiveLink

I really really REALLY want to get a photo featured on So I'm putting it out there. From local people: I need models. From non-local people: we need ideas. Check out Leisure Dive (seriously you will die laughing!) and give us some creative ideas for dives. Best creative idea not already featured on Leisure Dive will win a prize from me.

This is definitely happening peoples!


Brandy said...

you know I am in!

Megan said...

How do we vote for your shot? I looked at a couple of them. Some of them are very good. But I think yours is better! I don't have a trained eye and may be slightly bias but I vote for Laura! :)

Joanna said...

This is what Pillow Pets and Snuggies were made for!

Nicola said...
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thellfamily said...

Your leisure dive photo is fantastic. Better than many of them on there, especially the kid ones. I can't believe how good he was at it.

I looked at a couple of pages of the web site (so cool), and so some of these might be overlaps that I didn't go far enough back to find, but here are ideas:

Ice cream cone eating (the pool might not like this, though).

A Halloween costume.

A light saber held in the air?

Reading a book or magazine?

Talking on a (previously broken) phone?

Writing in a diary?

Jump rope dive?

If you have 2 people, things like patty cake dive?

Tennis dive?

Okay, I better stop. But I'll brainstorm more if you want!

Janna said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the leisure dive pic! Brilliant!

erinlaughs said...

Do you have an old cell phone? Can you go with texting child? Otherwise I totally vote for Star Wars leisure dive.

Tracey (sparkyd) said...

Holy Hannah that website is addictive. So cool! I agree that your picture posted here is better than some of the ones on the site, so you should be a shoe-in.

Heather V said...

Is there any on the side judging with big # placards or a bullhorn? Would such behavior get an audience ousted from the neighborhood pool?

LOVE this of Nate. What will this kid not do?

JenFen said...

I love all these shots but especially, especially the leisure dive. I had actually heard of this before and would love to see that one get on there! And yes, as I have mentioned before I love that you get such great candids! Don't ever lose that.

Tanika Davis said...

I'm always such an outlier, because my favorite picture here is the one of you with your camera, looking totally serious business, but also really naturally pretty. I love it.