Friday, August 12, 2011

My week, InstaFriday style

For the first time, I'm participating in InstaFriday at Life Rearranged. So here is our week, (mostly) from Instagram.

Sunday morning I took Alex to the pool, just me and him. Best morning date ever. CANNON BALL! (Please ignore the muscles on his sides, that means he's a boy and not a baby and I'm not ready for that.)


Monday the PTA sent home a huge packet of information and Comic Sans was displayed in every shade. Then as a twin mom, I got a bonus packet of the same information the next day in the same terrible font. Twins = double the font trouble.

Comic Sans

Tuesday unfortunately brought a lot of sadness as my friend Heather's mom passed away. I could write a whole post but I will just say - Call your mom today. Say hi.

I ordered some flowers from a group of us. Flower money goes SO MUCH farther in NC than it ever did in Chicago or San Francisco.


On Tuesday afternoon I watched Jon walk the boys home from the bus stop from my office window.

Afternoon view

Wednesday I spent a lot of quality time on twitter while watching my favorite dancer rock the stage. I voted 100 times. Team Melanie 4eva.


Thursday I made the unfortunate mistake of blogging about how GREAT our kindergarten transition was going. Thursday was the FIRST TIME the boys have EVER gone four days in a row with no nap and they were COMPLETELY INSANE. They haven't been that insane since they dropped to one nap. And since I was solo parenting, I made the wise decision to enhance my dinner of Trader Joe's fishsticks with some pimento cheese and guacamole.


Don't worry, I've been getting some morning runs in to make sure I can eat as much pimento cheese and guacamole as I want. This greenway is 0.2 miles from my front doorstep. I love the nature of NC. Except I could do without the noseeums and mosquitoes.


Friday evening I will toast Jon returning home and probably enjoy some cocktails on the screened porch (see previously: noseeums and mosquitoes) because we are having a break in the hot weather (only 87 today!!!).

In the meantime, when people ask my secret for getting two kids to smile and laugh for photos? You have to be SILLY.

It's been a long time since I posted a kitchen table video huh Lindsay? I NEVER get tired of hearing my kids laugh.

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Cacey said...

So fun! I wanna do this sometime, but I don't have that Instagram thing (I'm a loser without an iPhone) and let's just face it my if is pretty boring. It would be pictures of laundry, diapers and schoolbooks, let's face it!

Cacey said...

I said let's face it twice, my editor would not like that...

Nicola said...
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Angela said...

"Mom, can you please not do that? I need to eat my ice cream" LMBO!!! Love it!

Stacey said...

I showed Will this video and he immediately said, "Can I see that funny joke again?"

Joanna said...

You are a master of silliness! And the payoff video is so worth it. LOVE!

Little know fact about the much maligned comic sans, it's actually a very good font for dyslexics. I really, really wish it was available on my Kindle.

Tanika Davis said...

That video is the best thing I've seen since I left my two sillies at home, waving at me from the screen door.
Laughing children is a magical, healing elixir. You just can't beat it.

thellfamily said...

Awesome video. So cute and I love hearing them laugh.

Also love the canonball photo. Your boys are so great in the water, it's wonderful that all of your summers of pool time paid off to two water-confident boys.

So, naps this weekend? We had a home visit with the kids' new K teacher last night and she said that during the first couple of weeks, a lot of kids fall asleep on the ride home from school.

Erin S said...

That video just made my day!

jessica dukes said...

love it! i am a nanny to twin life with twins...crazy!

Jill said...

Love the giggles!
Will you please share your pimento cheese recipe? Haven't had it in years. It's my southern mama's FAVE.

Gillian said...

Love the Insta-Friday! Very cool to see your week like that. Your comments on the comic sans was cracking me up. that font makes me wince.

Jessica {Team Rasler} said...

Ha, I used to always send things home in Comic Sans, but now I'm sick of it. If you let me know your favorite font, all my students' parents will thank you.

Sorry the boys were nutsy without their naps. Hope it's better soon.

Now I have to figure out how to use Instagram so I can play along next time!

ememby said...

I'm very sorry, but I have to admit I laughed about your kids being insane on Thursday - but only because I feel your pain!

I'm Holly said...

Sounds like a full week. Pimiento Cheese is the best!

Michele said...

Loved that first photo--Awesome! So sorry to hear about your friend's mother.

Goddess in Progress said...

Fun photo project! I'll have to do that one of these days. Though, right now, it would just be the inside of a lot of medical office buildings. Thrilling, truly.

rccalyn said...

Hi! I know I don't comment often (ever?), but I'm a faithful reader and enjoy reading about your life and your boys. I was scanning my facebook feed today, and a picture shared by someone else jumped out at me. I thought to myself "That looks like a picture Laura Case would take of her boys at the pool." I couldn't shake the weird feeling, so I looked (stalked) back through your archives, and sure enough, it was this first pool cannonball picture at the top of the post. There was a quote embedded on the picture about Jesus, and it just didn't seem right. I wanted you to be aware of it, since it seems doubtful that you sold someone the rights to the picture! Your photos are all amazing (even iPhone ones!)! I took a screen capture of it, and if you're interested in that info I can email it to you. So sorry! I hope you don't think I'm a creepo, I just thought you'd want to know!