Tuesday, July 26, 2011

July is a pretty rocking month

The last four days have been a little tiny bit insane, both in good ways and bad ways.

Friday I took Alex to the doctor to check on a nagging sore throat. No strep but they did find a heart murmur, which I have been assured by many many people is very common and normal but OMG it's MY BABY. We go back next month for a recheck.

Saturday and Sunday were still insanely hot so we just spent as much time in the pool as possible. Basically the same as every other summer in the south ever.

Sunday night my grandma Gladys arrived with my dad's three sisters. They were driving back from a week in Florida and it was so super great to have family in our house, swimming with the kids, playing cards, and hanging out.


Nate and Alex were both sad when everyone left this morning, and I'm sure we'll hear all about Aunt Rose, Aunt Deb, and Aunt Ang for quite some time around the house. The toughest part about not living near any family is how quiet and empty the house feels when everyone is gone. Please come back soon!



thellfamily said...

I'm sure a million other people will say this, but... I had a heart murmur as a kid. I think it may be gone now, though I still had it in my 20's. I actually didn't find out until I was an adult and going to my own doctor -- my mother never told me but a new doctor told me. Never ever interfered with anything (wish I could blame my lack of athleticism on it, but alas...). I know as a mom it's still worrying, though! Glad your summer is going so well. Love the pics.

Nicole S. said...

Great shots as usual.
When I think about you and your family, I get dreamy about moving to the south where we could afford a huge house and have lots of people stay with us. I love house guests! What else do I need to know to convince me to leave jolly old New England?

EmmaVerdona124 said...

I had a heart murmer as a baby though

Anonymous said...

I was diagnosed with a heart murmur when I was around 9. It is called Mitral Valve Prolapse. It has not affected me at all! When I was pregnant with my twins at 38 years old they sent me for an echocardiogram to see if they could still detect it and they couldn't. I guess it's gone. Doesn't matter to me, like I said, hasn't made one bit of difference in my life.

Alex is fine.