Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sitting in the front seat, listening to the back seat on Wednesday, Wednesday

Alex saw a VW beetle before we drove through Biscuitville yesterday morning. Silence followed.

I got their biscuits and my coffee from Starbucks next door (I still have occasional morning caffeine).

10 minutes into our drive to school Alex said in a singsongy voice, "I've got a punch waiting for someone!"


Joanna said...

Nothing like the one track mind of a 5 year old.

Maria said...

That is too cute! We had an epidemic of holding punches and saving for later which motives into lying about seeing/having seen one, so now our rule is that the punch buggy must be witnessed by one other person and the punch immediately given. Although at this point we mostly like to just have bragging rights and announce that we saw one. Ah, the difference between boys and girls.

Brandy said...

BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH I love those boys...awesome title by the way