Friday, June 10, 2011

My 2011 Mondo Beyondo list

On my 36th birthday, I shared 36 items from my Mondo Beyondo list. Of the 36 I shared here, I completed 18 of those. It was an awesome year. On my 37th birthday, I wasn't at the point where I was ready to think about a Mondo list because I was so focused on getting my photography business launched. I shared just a few things I wanted to accomplish.

Now that I am halfway through my second Mondo Beyondo, all I can say is WOW. I am dreaming big this time around. My list is a solid 3-4 times longer than the first time around. I feel like I trust so much more that these things will happen this time. My Mondo list has 130 (!!!) items on it. I won't share the whole list but here is a sampling of what you can expect to hear about in the upcoming year

How are YOU going to help me with this list? And what's on your Mondo list?

  1. Be a smashing success with my photography business
  2. Host a women's retreat at my house
  3. Warrior Dash times two with my tribe of women
  4. Complete a 365 photo project
  5. Make an awesome wrap dress or buy one
  6. Find the perfect summer cocktail
  7. Do a handstand
  8. Karate chop a board in half with my hand
  9. Learn to do the worm
  10. Learn to surf
  11. Leave pennies for other kids to find
  12. Whistle really loudly with my fingers in my mouth
  13. Get back in a kayak
  14. Monster truck rally, hell yeah
  15. Learn to use the gas grill and not be a baby about it exploding
  16. Demolition derby
  17. Volunteer as a family
  18. End each day feeling like I LIVED it
  19. Get lots of quality beach time
  20. Wear my wedding dress on our anniversary
  21. Whiten my teeth
  22. Eat at French Laundry
  23. See the fall colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway
  24. Vacation to Italy with just Jon
  25. Go on a missionary trip to a third world country
  26. Take a whole summer off from a 9-5 job
  27. Say yes to life
  28. Be in the Hunger Games movie
  29. See the finale of SYTYCD live, in person
  30. Meet all of my favorite blogfriends and give them a bigass hug
  31. No skin cancer or other cancer
  32. Own all the professional cameras and lenses I want
  33. Live in Italy for a summer
  34. Attend the Emmies or Golden Globes
  35. Meet some of my photography idols in person and watch them work
  36. Join a running group
  37. Live to see my boys live long happy lives


Joanna said...

I'll offer to help on 2, 3, 5, 12, 18, and 30.

Mondo Beyondo list? Me? I'm not there yet.

Janna said...

I can help you with Number 2 by showing up to your women's retreat! :)

Awesome List!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Laughing at #15. I though I was the only one. When my sister stayed with me she grilled every night. She is kick butt like that.

I just made my 35 things while 35 and am stuck at 18 things. I am impressed with that only being a sampling. I need to get to work.

I am not sure if I will add the grill thing to my list though b/c it is the ONLY time Jared cooks and I kind of LOVE that. Hmmm, something to think about.

edie & ella said...

The French Laundry is overrated... Not to smash your dreams or anything !!! But if you come out here make sure to get your reservation way far in advance!!! Like MONTHS!!!

Heidi O said...

I am thinking I would love to be a part of 1,2,3,9. I am hoping that I can still do the worm though it has been a long long time. Oh and the handstand I want to be able to do that too. French Laundry is on my list of places togo to. The women's retreat sounds like heaven at this point.

Cynthia said...

I don't have a formal Beyondo list...yet... but my 2011 BEST YEAR EVER list has some exact matchups with your list:
#6 (I'm especially focused on experimenting with vodka infusions using things I'm growing in my garden)
#17 (started this already with Tornado relief in our town)
#15, #18, #19, #21

I'll meet and hug you any time or...come to your retreat! I will pass along any successful cocktail recipes as well!
Good luck! You'll kick ass!!

Joanna said...

Chills. I love everything about this. Will help however I can!

cathy said...

What an awesome list! Can I come to your retreat, please!! I love how you dream big! Good for you, for doing the class again! It was awesome!! Thanks for turning me on to it!

Tanika Davis said...

Can you do a list without it being a Mondo list? Like just a "Must-Do" list?
I have a bunch of things to put on it. One of them is "Ignore the tray!!"

erinlaughs said...

I would imagine #12 is an essential skill with two boys!

I love that you do this and that you share so much about it. Every time you do it pushes me a little closer to doing it myself.

Liz Walker said...

OK, a two-fer. Summer 2012: you, Jon and the boys come to England to visit during school break. I fly Roxane over and then you and Jon go to Italy and leave kids with us! :) When you return, I will teach you how to do a handstand. Also, you may come back and find your boys have adopted cute British accents and they could really confuse their teachers.

Nicola said...
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Goddess in Progress said...

#1 - I am PSYCHED for our photo session, and will throw business at you whenever I get the opportunity.

#2 - Can I come?!

#15 - I will now make you light the grill in my backyard for our BBQ.

You are so awesome.

Megan said...

What a rockstar you are! Love all of these ideas! I'll suggest you to a family in NC that needs a photographer! No problem! I'll join the retreat (and offer to help plan it). As for good cocktails, handstands and karate...not so much help here. Great list! Great list! one day I'll do the mondo class! And I hear you on the tribe of women. Love that image and concept! And I even more enjoy the reality!

Marcia (123 blog) said...

LOVE your list - please tell us more about the women's retreat thing as I didn't picture you as a retreat person, all Zen and such :)

And make South Africa your 3rd world country and then we can meet as you're sure to fly into Jhb :)

Irene said...

Speaking of monster truck rally, we must bring the boys to this sometime when you come visit us: - click on the photos!

Natalie Mikolajczak said...

I've said it before, and Ima gonna say it again, "YOU'RE A ROCKSTAR"!

Carrie77 said...

Laura, LOVE the list. Especially being in the Hunger Games movie! Ha! Also like the missionary trip and being off work for an ENTIRE SUMMER!! Heck, I like everything on that list!

Beth said...

Number 14--I am so there! You find one in NC and we're there. If I find one in DC, bring the boys up. How much more fun would it be to take 4 boys to a monster truck rally???

Ann said...

I will join you for 22 and 29! When are we going to French Laundry?

Claroux said...

You're AWESOME! So I can actually write this stuff down that I WANT to do but it doesn't necessarily have to happen right away or within the next year right???????? You are such a rock star and an awesome role model and inspiration to the rest of us twin mamas everywhere :-)

Heather said...

Am interested your take on doing Mondo after the original experience. Different focus? Time Frame? Does knowing what is expected help you craft the list differently?

Also interested what got you to 130 items. That, my friend, is a to do list of envy.

As far as Hunger Games. Check our Casting Agent Tona B. Dalquist on FB. Movie is using the working title "Artemis". Sadly it looks like they cast the extras in May, but... there's always the sequels.

On #1 launching the photography business, I'm looking at Irene and her family and in total awe of what you captured today.

I am so glad you didn't sit on this dream.

ps- Happy to lend you clothing or give you fashion advice on a monster truck rally. Sadly I cat-called louder than Ben.

ElizabethEK said...