Monday, May 23, 2011

A summer weekend, a la Instagram

How many times have I said summer is my favorite? I LOVE SUMMER.

Friday night: packed radlers and mummy dogs for dinner at the pool. Water is still cold so the boys get out frequently to warm up.

Nate t pool

Saturday: Got to Be NC Festival at state fairgrounds. Lumberjack show, tractor parade, animals, tons of rides. Nate and I rode a roller coaster together. Kid was sad he was not tall enough for the adult rides.

Roller coaster

It was the first hot humid day of the year so we needed tons of fluids. The boys were skeptical of their first slushee until they tried it and they sucked the whole thing down.


Saturday night: Irene and Milo came into town. BBQ!

Sunday morning: Irene and I ran the Inside Out Sports half marathon. Irene killed it at 2:05, me not so much. But I had a great time running on some of my favorite trails and I fell back in love with running.

Another half

Sunday afternoon: more pool. Alex sums it up right here:

Alex pool


Shari said...

You've created a monster and don't realize it yet. EVERY time we go in a store that sells Slushies, they beg for one. Of course, I can usually strike a good deal, so they often get one.

Joanna said...

Did you teach the boys about brain freeze? Some lessons are so much fun. It looks like you had an awesome weekend.

Congrats to Irene on the great time. She rocks!

Gillian said...

looks like a great weekend!!

eva said...

I feel so uneducated, but I do now know what a radler or a mummy dog is. Educate me please!

mel @ the larson lingo said...

love the pictures. your weekend looked awesome! Jealous of the warm pool is only in the 60s here in Cali. Brrrr!!!

Rachel said...

okay. must. esplain/recipes for radlers and mummy dogs. I'm always looking for pool/picnic food ideas.