Friday, May 06, 2011

Friday gumbo

* Kindergarten orientation for the parents last night. I *almost* started crying when I envisioned myself saying good-bye to two little boys getting on the school bus for the first time in August.

* Did you notice I said August and not July? After I took the time to write that super long kindergarten explanation post, our school was underpopulated so they decided to move everyone to Track 4. They will now start school in August and track out in October, January, March, and July. This means one more month of day care payments for us, BOOOOOOOOO.

* Mariah named her kids Monroe and Moroccan. I knew she'd do that.

* I've been rocking my recent photo shoots for other people, getting me even more excited about my website launch.

Exhibit A:


Exhibit B:

V Family

Exhibit C:

M Family

I've got some seriously special shoots scheduled for May and June, including two in Boston that are going to be legendary.

* I'm making Pioneer Woman Knock You Naked Brownies for Mother's Day. I'll report back on whether they are the most delicious brownies ever or not.


erinlaughs said...

I still keep thinking Moroccan? Really? Poor kid.

Who eats all of these brownie desserts you bake up? If they were in my house I'd be in trouble! But yes please on the review, I bookmarked those brownies. They looked good!

Joanna said...

There is no way I'd want to be naked after eating an entire pan of those brownies.

Bren said...

I had a kindergarten freak out last week and my daughter is only 3 1/2! I LOVE the pictures you take. They really are special - wish we had someone like you in our neck of the woods!

And I agree with Erin - Moroccan? Where do people come up with these names??

Irene said...

This must be a pretty good Friday for you, you used the word legendary and made brownies. Pics are aaaaawesome. Mariah will learn (as we have) how hard it is to have multiple people with M names in the household. It's bad enough confusing your kid with the dog, no fun confusing the twins - and you can't even tell which is the girl name and which is the boy one.

Heather said...

Hey, I know that family in Exhibit B :)

I think you are in the throws of an addition to "things stuffed inside other stuff."

This had me at wrapped caramel, so I'm hoping for leftovers if they pass the test.

I'm with Joanna on the state of my clothing after eating these.

Happy Mothers Day!

JenFen said...

I love seeing all the pictures together. It just really shows how awesome your shots are.

And what are those kids going to say when they grow up? Monroe is so normal and Moroccan is so well, um not. Sorry she ruined your celebrity twin friendship by doing exactly as you predicted. Haha!

And oh my, I thought I would be okay with Kindergarten and the tears since it will be my second but she is also my last. I don't know how I am going to handle it. Sorry they ended up in a different track.

Amy L said...


Laura, the shots are amazing. Your photography journey continues to inspire me!

Amanda P. said...

Heather - I recognize that baby in the first picture in much the same way that you recognize the family in the second. I also concur on the GREAT pictures!

Mmmm - brownies.

Brandy said...

Man that chick at the bottom is bangin. :) Thanks again!

Goddess in Progress said...

Awesome shots! Can't wait to be your subjects...

Seriously, MOROCCAN? Ri-god-damn-diculous. And the explanation of the "inspiration" for the name only makes it worse.

My friend had a similar brownie recipe, she called them "ghetto brownies." Damn tasty.

Ann said...

The photos are awesome. When are you going to come take our pictures? :-)