Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

I thought FOR SURE this would be the year the boys dove into presents and ripped them apart in a short period of time. Yet again this year, the boys opened a present, played with it, then moved on to the next present. One thing I did not expect was Nate caught on to the fact that they both got, in general, the same thing. When he opened a pair of Star Wars pajamas, he excitedly told Alex to open up his pair of Star Wars pajamas. And when Alex opened something, he wanted to know where his was.

They love all their new presents and the At At has been a huge hit (how could it NOT be a huge hit?):

Christmas AtAt

We had a fantastic visit with Roxane, and as always, it was entirely too short. She and Gigi took the boys to see Alex's first theater movie and saved me and Jon from suffering through Yogi Bear. They also baby sat so we could go out and I tried chicken wings for the first time. More Mondo!

Roxane & boys

Sign of a patient grandma: smiling through getting sticks to the head:

Roxane & boys

We also had a great time with Gigi:

Marg & Boys

We had a blessed year and a wonderful Christmas and hope that you enjoyed time with loved ones as well.


Today I'm posting the posed pictures... tomorrow the candids. Brace yourselves!


Brooke* said...

GREAT picture with Gigi Laura- it's one you will cherish always! Some dorky photog questions for you: do you use an external flash and a tripod when shooting in your 'studio?' Also, I just started (on occasion) switching my dial to manual {gulp} and am having a hard time figuring out my ISO...when you post a super great pic (i.e. the one of nate a few posts back) would you mind on occasion sharing your settings?

Goddess in Progress said...

Super cute photos! Can't wait to see the candids. Glad you had such a lovely Christmas. Ours was total chaos, I wish we had the luxury of stopping between each gift. Ah, family.

Kara said...

Great pictures! Love the new family pic!

HeatherV said...

Great pics. Esp of Roxanne and Gigi and also the final family shot.

As you can imagine Ben went nuts over the box of vintage SW toys that were the final present he opened.

All plans to finally watch with Grandmommy while she visits this week since Bill wanted to wait so she could be here.

As you can imagine any mom that bought Bill a 3 lifesize R2D2 clothes hamper is a SW fan herself.

I'm glad you had a great week and visit.

Mel said...

That is a WONDERFUL family picture of all of you!

Lee Anne said...

Great pictures! The stick picture is a keeper for sure!!!! And the family photo is precious. I need to email you about Mondo...curious what you have thought about it. You have inspired me to get my act together this year!

Irene said...

GREAT pics! Love your navy cowlneck!

Karen said...

Your family pic is awesome! Looks like you had a great holiday.