Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The mystery of Alex's finger

Alex and Nate are really into Wipeout (and Top Chef) this summer. I can not tell you how excited I am to watch MY shows with the boys. Anyhoo they like to go to parks and pretend it is the wipeout zone, where they have to race each other through each obstacle. Jon and I like the wipeout game because it makes them run and run and run while Jon and I sit and sit and sit. When they stop running we yell, "You forgot that wipeout zone!" and they start running again.


Two weeks ago we went to Kids Towne and the boys did this (iphone picture) as part of the wipeout zone:

Wipeout park

You probably didn't notice Alex's feet. They were jumping off the ledge, grabbing onto the rings, and swinging like monkeys. Alex was obsessed with it, did it over and over and over until he got blisters on his hands.

Note to you: THE FASTEST way to crazy is to try to explain blisters to a four year old.

Note to me: They were so good at this and they are so short that I briefly entertained the idea of them being gold and silver winning twin Olympic gymnasts. But then I would cry because one would come in second. So, instead I decided one should be a gymnast and one should be a jockey.

Back to my story. Alex had blisters and then we basically forgot about it. Which is dumb because Alex has always been grabby and his hands are always filthy. We got back from Chicago and Jon noticed one of the blisters was infected. I got to be the one to tell the doctor we're not sure when it happened in the last TWO WEEKS.

The doctor prescribed Alex cephalexin, an antibiotic. It also happens to be the only thing in the world to which I am allergic. It's been roughly 30 years since I've had any exposure so we don't know how serious to take it but my mom is deathly allergic to even the smell of penicillin so I'm being cautious as a single parent. With Jon out of town, I have been breaking out plastic gloves to administer Alex his medicine.

I have a theory that all this crazy stuff has to happen before our vacation so that our vacation goes awesome. Even steven, if you will. So bring it universe, until Saturday!


Joanna said...

Doesn't Wipeout rock? Our boys are going to be so angry that they can't run Warrior Dash with us. (I'm happy they can't because I'm pretty sure Alex would beat me and that would be a little embarrassing.)

I will also consider your note to us and try to be prepared with a way to explain blisters before the question comes up.

It's also interesting that you are allergic to cephalsporins and not penicillin. I wonder if your exposure to penicillin was limited because of your mother's allergy.

Yvonne said...

Wipeout is one of those shows that makes me laugh no matter how bad my day was. I love it! My brother-in-law, Mr. Snooty Nothing-but-NPR Man, looks down on me for that. But I don't care.

I've had to explain to the pediatrician a few times why I hadn't brought one of my kids in sooner. It's usually because I hadn't noticed that their heads were basically falling off. I always want to crawl under the table and hide.

Sadia said...

Oh dear. Perhaps you should a neighbour check on you every hour or so!

I'm the crazy paranoid Mom the pediatrician wishes wouldn't call so often.

Stacey said...

Gymnast and jockey-- love it!!

DesiDVM said...

Ok, the dr. in me says why did he have to get cephalexin? There are other broad-spectrum antibiotics you can use for skin infections other than cephalosporins or penicillins. If I prescribe Keflex to an animal and the owner says they're allergic to it and can't handle the pill I just prescribe something else.

Allyson said...

I love how parents when they are finally getting a chance to "sit back and watch", like to add extra time to the activity. Been there, done that, laughing hard at it! Your little guys are too cute for words, but then why wouldn't they be with parentals like you two? Happy Hols, I am sure it is going to be awesome!
(Today's verification word is: gooddle "get it? good vacay and double the fun!) Oh forget it, it's too hot here, my brain's fried!)

Goddess in Progress said...

Love the self-made obstacle course!

But man alive, this is life with twin four-year-old boys, huh? Yowza!

RaJen said...

totally laughing out loud. and speaking of plastic gloves...I recently went and had a pedicure. which is to say that I hadn't had one in a very long time. And they were all wearing surgical gloves. interesting.

London said...

Batman loves Wipeout, it's me that's, well, burned out and refuses to watch it. Minute to Win It too.

We've avoided blisters so far, but had a nasty run in with splinters last summer that I will never forget.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I love the idea of the two gymnasts :) but not the idea of one of them coming second. Maybe they could alternate?