Thursday, June 24, 2010

Random list of nothing related to parenting (and inappropriate use of capitalization)

* I have listened to Somebody to Love about 10 bazillion times in the last two days. Bieber Fever, CATCH IT!

* I did a cannonball into the pool on Tuesday night and robo-ear was hella mad at me. This confirms the theory that changes in pressure cause searing pain. I should be mad at myself for testing the limits of robo-ear but NO PAIN NO GAIN!

* Since finishing the Uglies series, I've read Bad Mother, Drop City, Waiter Rant, Your Four Year Old, One Fifth Avenue, Parenting School Age Twins, Retirement Savings Time Bomb, Four Hour Workweek, Twenties Girl, and The Girl Who Played with Fire. RANDOM MUCH?

* It's the end of my 30 day TV detox. I'm glad I did it because it made me think about my relationship with tv and it helped me make significant changes. And now that I can watch tv again... So You Think You Can Dance All-Stars is the greatest idea EVER!

* In addition to donating my temporal bones to science, they asked for my DNA to help with genetic research. This is the second time in four years I got to play CSI. Now I know why Alex hated it so much, those swabs are not comfortable in the mouth. In hindsight, why did we pay for a DNA test when the boys were SO CLEARLY FRATERNAL? SLEEP DEPRIVATION, THAT'S WHY.

* I've started speed training to improve my time for fall half marathons. 40 minute speed workout yesterday, all Justin Bieber soundtrack. Best run I've had in two months. BIEBER FEVER!

* PS. Tina Fey is awesome.


thellfamily said...

You totally cracked me up.

We're liking SYTYCD, but I'm not sure I'm into it as much with the all stars. Somehow, you see the newbies' faults more when they're paired with all stars. But maybe that's just week 2 -- did you tape week 1? That was actually pretty awesome.

Jodi said...

LOVE. JUSTIN. TOO! I run SO FAST to Somebody to Love! And Katy Perry California GIRLS! Which I AM SO NOT but I just love that damn song!!!!

Dawn Johnson Warren said...

Not only is that a good song, but one of the best videos I've seen in a long time, the dancers are amazing! and instead of being half naked women they are kick butt dancer women! Love it.

Beth said...

Okay--I'll have to listen to Bieber now. Of all those books you read, do you recommenced any? I'm reading The Lacuna, but not loving it yet. It's been hard to get into.

Joanna said...

I can understand doing a second test of your Robo-ear, but I may be lacking in sympathy if you do it a third time and expect a different result.

I just finished Uglies and picked up Pretties (and 3 Thomas the Tank books)

Bahahahahah, you paid to find out if the boys were identical or not. I realize that at the time, it was a remote possibility and made sense, but now? It's just really funny.

Dude, that kid is really young looking. Nice voice, but he looks like such a sweet little kid. I want to make him a sandwich and drive him to school.

Janna said...

1. I had a witty retort to the Bieber Fever, but then I realized that I watch "Pretty Little Liars" on ABC Family and therefore, have forfeited my right to make fun of you.

2. Is Twenties Girl good?

3. I finished Reliable Wife. Do you have someone for me to mail it to?

4. YAY for your boys swimming (that's from yesterday's post)!

5. I tried to do speed training yesterday and my dog couldn't handle it...sigh...

Lesley Barr Photography said...

Tina Fey IS awesome! No clue who Justin Beiber is, but I'll watch the video. I'm also LOVING SYTYDD. I need to live by you so I can join your weekly dance parties!

Lindsay said...

I have always wondered why you did that genetic testing on the boys. In fact, I meant to ask you last week after my trip through the archives.

Love that video, too!

I was worried that the All Stars would be fame whores (ahem, Dominick), so I'm glad they're not talking to them much. This week, they had them join the newbie for judging, but I think it was better when they just exited stage left! Overall, I like the format, too.

ElizabethEK said...

Also loving SYTYCD. I thought One Fifth Avenue was OK only. Recently, I have read Pirate Latitudes (good) and The Help (great).

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I need to take a computer fast and get my butt to the gym!

How did you enjoy the four hour work week? I loved it!

JenFen said...

Thank you for introducing me to Justin. I had heard the name but never knew anything more than the famed hair. I don't love his music but at least now I know what he is all about - his dancing is pretty good for a young white boy. LOL! And the skit with Tiny Fey is TOO funny.

Also looking for summer reading so if you recommend any of those books, let me know. I am re-reading Elcipse before the movie comes out Tuesday and then I am going to give the Stieg Larrson series a try.

If you know anyone I can mail a copy of Stockett's "The Help" to, it has gone the circle of my friends IRL.

Heidi O said...

Okay I have to give it to you on that Justin Bieber song. When I have seen him on tv, I haven't been that impressed. But he does crack me up, he is such a little older woman hunter.

Lainey-Paney said...

Say it ain't so.

Just say "NO" to Baby Beiber!

Beth said...

Do you mind if I ask which company you used for the testing? I really want to get my girls tested, as even though they were two sacs/two placentas, they look almost exactly like, are both left-handed, and have the same blood type. I don't care either way, just want to know for sure! You can email me if you'd rather not post it, bcarmichael66@gmail.comThanks!