Friday, April 09, 2010

The end of Mondo, or rather, the beginning

Today is the last day of my Mondo Beyondo course and I can say whole-heartedly this is a class I would recommend to anyone, even non-dreamers like me. On my birthday I shared my Mondo list and while it seems a simple list, there was a lot of thought and time put into each entry. There are some larger Mondo-er dreams/goals/plans that unfortunately I can not share in a public space but believe me, I am on the right path. Buy me a drink and I might tell you my crazy ideas!

So what now? I started this year with the plan to make 2010 the Best Year Ever. So far that plan is working very well.

January: ran a half marathon, visited my sister in Phoenix, met two blogfriends, vacationed in San Diego.
February: girls trip with Irene, ordered my dream lens, got my bike tuned up, enjoyed snow snow snow.
March: celebrated two impending baby arrivals, ran another half marathon, upgraded my wardrobe, turned 36.

You are going to pass out when you learn everything that is already planned for May. In the meantime, next on my Best Year Ever Mondo List? Tomorrow starts adult swim class. I grew up in Florida so I know how to swim but not how to do the official strokes.

Nate and Alex also start swim class tomorrow. If they can swim half a lap on their own by mid-May, they will be able to join the swim team this summer. This means going to swim practice, going to meets, volunteering... the whole shebang! Jon and I aren't sure if we're ready for this (my BABIES on an organized swim team going to meets?!) but the boys are SO EXCITED. Apparently they don't know about speedos yet. I'm concerned one of them will learn to swim and the other will not (just like breastfeeding!) but we'll jump that bridge when we come to it.

Tomorrow morning please think some happy thoughts for me as I squeeze my pasty, pale, did too much emotional eating this year butt into an unflattering one piece and jump into the water.

PS. I've also been doing a lot of trail running to prepare for Warrior Dash and a 3 foot black snake crossed my path on Wednesday. Trail running is making me man up with all the spiders, ticks, and snakes.

PPS. My new camera bag came from Epiphanie and love love love.


PPSS. The time stamp of this post is correct. Do you ever wonder how software gets upgraded overnight? Us software minions make that happen.


London said...

Adult swim class sounds like fun! I finally learned how to swim this past summer and I loved it so much! My husband, on the other hand, took swimming in college and swims like Michael Phelps...speedo and all...minus the pot.

Steph said...

I love your post. So inspiring to get out there and DO what we set out to do!

Pretty sure I was awake around the time you posted, but not to work, just for a bathroom break! :)

Swim class and swim team sounds like fun- but it's true, how is it our babies are old enough for organized sports? Cooper's t-ball experience has really made me realize he's not so little anymore.

alison said...

i turned 36 in march too :)
wow! great list of 2010! love the bag! yay!

Carrie77 said...

CANNOT wait for you to do the warrior dash!! :o)- Wow, you have been busy, busy... you are such a great role model for your boys!

Cathy said...

Way to go Laura! I am thinking the Mondo class may be for me! Good luck with the swimming, and the swimming for Nate and Alex! Awesome.

P.S. Nice bag!! Sweet colour! Jealous.

Natalie Mikolajczak said...

Love your Epiphanie bag! I have the 'Belle', but am drooling to get the red one.

Did you take your picture with an iPhone?

Natalie Mikolajczak said...

Yup, thought it was the Hipstamatic. Just got that one stuff.

Joanna said...

You don't know the different strokes? Really? Wow. I would not have guessed that. Your going to have fun.

Remember, once you are in the water, the refraction hides he real shape of the pasty white stress eating butt. Or, at least that's what I tell myself.

Heidi O said...

I would love to take a swim class or just do a masters swim. Are you planning to do a tri next?

PS I am married to one of those having to get up in the middle of the night to make sure everything is going right when something new rolls out.

Karen said...

I would love to get back in the pool on a regular basis. And learning the strokes will be so much fun.

WOW on Nate and Alex having a chance to be on a swim team! I will be thrilled when/if we get to that point here with Michael.

Lesley Barr Photography said...

A. You rock!
B. Your new camera bag makes me jealous (I've got my eye on the Kelly Moore bag).
C. Have fun at swim!!!
D. You rock!

p.s. did you photograph new baby yet? I'm dying to see the results!

Yvonne said...

I need to look into the Mondo program. I'm reading a book called, "Your Best Year Ever," or something like that. I'm obviously really into it, huh?

However, now that I'm at 40 and getting ready to produce my 3rd and final child I'm ready to start focusing on myself, so I've been thinking about small and big things I want to accomplish in this next chapter.

Thanks for posting about this program. I'm giving it some serious thought.

Marcela Beatty said...

It sounds like such a great beginning of the year for you!

Two half's, trips, friends, family! How exciting!

I love to swim! What a great sport for your boy's to get into!

Goddess in Progress said...

Spec-freaking-tacular. I love all that you've already done, and all the plans coming up. Way to grab life and get everything you can out of it! Enjoy the swim class. Please, if my fat ass can show up in a swimsuit a few times a week, you'll be fine. :-)

And I LOVE your camera bag. LOVE. May have to go on my wish list. Basically, I just want to be you. Heh.

elizabeth said...

I hope you enjoy swim class!

I love trail running, but my run-ins with snakes have not gone well. For me, pretty sure they are non-events for the snakes.

What a great list. Clearly 2010 is going very well!