Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What birthday of mine would be complete without pictures?

I try to keep it real on my blog. Very real.

We went to a sushi/hibachi place for my birthday dinner and the boys were crazy crazy crazy. It was not a night to push our luck and go out for dessert. After dinner I told Jon to make a detour at home so I could grab my camera and some white shirts for the boys because I knew the perfect place to pick up dessert to go and I had always wanted to take pictures at this place around sunset.


Did that picture make you smile a little bit?
How about this one?


Then surely THIS ONE will bring a smile to the coldest of hearts.


It was a pretty sweet birthday present. Finally getting pictures in this place I imagined. Letting the boys go crazy running in the grass.

Nate and I also got some time alone while I was taking pictures.


Does he ever hate getting his picture taken!

And his chin is really jacked from a nasty spill he took before the race Saturday. He completely freaks when you take the band-aid off.

But this place has ground the same color as his eyes and I had this idea for a photo planned out in my head for awhile.


So... to keep it real.

I took the photos at an empty lot in the parking lot of our local grocery store Harris Teeter (or as Jon and I call it, the H Tizzo). Looks like a fancy schmancy park huh? Jon was lookout to make sure the boys didn't run into the parking lot. He was also tick checker afterward. And when people say my camera takes nice pictures, I'd like to show them this picture because nice cameras can take bad pictures.


After taking some pictures, we grabbed some desserts from their bakery and headed home.

Also keeping it real?

I wanted to take pictures this direction so you wouldn't see the power lines but the boys were incredibly uncooperative. Another day, maybe.


Oh and the reason I had some alone time with Nate? Alex was busy pooping at the H Tizzo halfway through the photo shoot.

I could have just posted some pretty pictures for you but that's not really the whole story now is it?


Lindsay said...

I didn't even notice the power lines - I couldn't look away from those boys! Love the close up with Nate, and I love that it wasn't "luck." Type A's can make beautiful art, too!

Carrie said...

Oh Lordy, you have some handsome boys in your life. Happy Birthday!

Steph said...

Nice! Again, great pictures, and wow, at the Harris Teeter? So many framing possibilities of those pictures of the boys!

Shari said...

The photos are great, but you are right about the back story being interesting.

Joanna said...

I'm going to carry over yesterday's post theme as well as address this post. I've been thinking about your list of dreams and I'm so excited that you are going through this process. I think it's going to bring you a lot of joy and really expand your life.

But, looking at these beautiful pictures, I realize that your list of dreams extends even further than your own personal happiness. It's broadening the lives of those around you as well. Just think about the wonderful lesson the boys learned when you took them to an empty lot next to the grocery store and walked away with such gorgeous pictures. That's a whole different way of thinking. You are teaching them to look at the world with a different perception.

This morning I got into a great discussion with a coworker about exercise and Warrior Dash. We were laughing and comparing how we like to work out. We both walked away feeling better. I never would have had that conversation if you hadn't asked me to run Warrior Dash!

So, thanks for keeping it real, thanks for being you, and thanks for dreaming.

Heidi O said...

Those are some great photos and some very photographic kids! Glad it was a great birthday.

Amy L said...

Yes, because it's all about the camera! :) Those pictures are amazing - LOVE them.

I'm catching up late on your blog, but just wanted to wish you a belated happy birthday. I'm so inspired by your list - thanks for sharing.

Lisa said...

It's all about perspective, isn't it? I agree with Joanna. You are teaching your boys to see beauty in unexpected places. Happy Birthday to you and enjoy that wonderful family. I'm enjoying getting to know you through your blog and thank you for "keeping it real"!

Joanna said...

Oh, how I appreciate your realism.

The Anonymous Platypus said...

i had to scroll back up and squint to see power lines! you are awesome and thanks for the realism. Loved the whole thing, especially the potty break. so true and also why when we look at other people's lives (i.e. pictures, blogs, stories) we often feel like we come up short.

anyway I came by to say happy birthday a bit belatedly, but I can't comment from work so's I gots to get in when i can. which today is naptime, whilst I am supposed to be paying bills and balancing my checkbook ;)

Kara said...

Great pics! I didnt even notice the power lines the first time I looked. It's like some kind of magic eye. LOL!

Love the story behind the one on one time. So real! Been there!

Sadia said...

Oh, those are beautiful.

And the poop? It wasn't in his pants, what it? I plead the fifth as to whether that happened during one of my photo shoot efforts.

Libby said...

You know my favorite parts about pic #3? The stains on Nate's knee and the bandaid on his chin. So BOY!

Hope your b-day was great great great!

Eva said...

Love the pictures, love the realism =)

nonlineargirl said...

Pretty much every photo shoot with my kids involves me laughing hysterically and eventually one or more of the kids crying. I need to start bribing them to sit still.

Karen said...

I was so busy looking at the boys that I didn't notice the power lines either.

I was cracking up about your nickname for Harris Teeter and the one on one time.

Mel said...

Those are great pictures. You have such an eye for photography (and an awesome camera to boot)! But most of all, you have the most adorable photo subjects.

HeatherV said...

Lovin' the pics are from HT after a meal at Ginza. Seriously awesome shots of the boys. I bet you are going to have a HARD time this year putting together a calendar.

Knowing the PT battle I swear I would have taken a pic on the potty of Ben if he had pulled one off on my birthday.

Hope it was great, great night. Sounds like it

Anandi said...

ooh, your pictures are amazing - you really have "the eye" (not to be confused with "the eye" that our big dog gives the little one when he's not behaving, though you probably have that too as a mama.)

Natalie Mikolajczak said...

love, love, love that first photo

bb and mtb said...

Love the pictures!!!!

alison said...

wow! these are beautiful!
oh, happy birthday. we share the same age and birthday month laura, yay! :)

Lee Anne said...

OMG how stinking cute are they?!?!?!?!?!?! Adorable photos of two adorable little guys. So glad you had a wonderful birthday! Happy belated birthday! And I didn't notice the power lines either!

Helene said...

Wow, gorgeous pictures!!!!! I love the first one of the boys smooching! My kids can't keep their hands off one another either but it's usually because they're slapping one another...not giving hugs and love!

Sounds like you had a great birthday!

Megan said...

Still struck by this post. Both the pics that look like you drove to a beach dune far, far away...and the realization that this is quite literally in a store's backyard...and of course struck by the beauty of the subjects. :) Again, happy bday!

Cheryl said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! WHat a handsome crew!