Monday, March 29, 2010

36 wishes for the upcoming year

As of today, I've made 36 trips around the sun. People say 36 is a hard one because you're closer to 40 but I FEEL GREAT. My life is pretty awesome and life just keeps getting better and better the older I get.

Since it's my birthday and you can't be mean to me, I am going to open myself up and share 36 items from my Mondo Beyondo list. Some of these things scare me to share, so be gentle. If the universe (or you!) could help me figure out how to accomplish these 36 things, then I could replace them with 37 even more Mondo-er dreams next year.

So leave me a comment to wish me happy birthday or let me know how you're going to help me finish off this list or let me know which ones you think are difficult for me to share with you.

1. Get back in a kayak. (I've been too scared since wrecking and almost drowning while kayaking in San Diego over 10 years ago.)

2. Host a chocolate tasting.

3. Learn to walk in heels.

4. Skip stones with Nate and Alex.

5. See where my camera takes me, physically, emotionally.

6. Live in Italy for a summer.

7. Spend at least an hour outside every day.

8. Do so much good in the world that my kids are inspired every day.

9. Create a life without a morning scramble.

10. Own a dog and watch my boys giggle when it licks their face.

11. Fill my home with beautiful objects.

12. See Aurora Borealis.

13. Karate chop a board in half with my hand.

14. Live in a beach house.

15. No skin cancer, please. Or other cancer. Or illnesses. Me or my loved ones.

16. Spend as much time barefoot as possible.

17. Wear my wedding dress on my anniversary.

18. Continue to create my tribe of women.

19. Complete a triathalon.

20. Foster many children who do not have a home.

21. Have time and ability to see my loved ones more frequently.

22. Ride in a hot air balloon.

23. Mother a girl.

24. Have boudoir photos taken to become more comfortable in my own skin. (This might be on Jon's birthday wish list too.)

25. Take the boys to see a shuttle launch.

26. Have a job that I am passionate about.

27. Kill Warrior Dash.

28. Get the neverending to-do list done.

29. Read every book on my to-read list.

30. Get lots of quality beach time.

31. Learn to sail.

32. Wear make up. I'm finally at the age where this might be necessary.

33. Write a book.

34. Have a fully funded education account for the kids.

35. Make our pantry healthier, except for the chocolate.

36. Spend every day waking up happily next to my best friend and still never run out of things to talk about with him.

And one to grow one - get in front of the camera more, preferably not when I'm covered in sweat after running for two hours.


(Our official finish time of the half was 2:10:31, roughly 10:02 per mile.)


London said...

Happy Birthday! I like number 23! Also, come to CT and I'll teach you how to walk in heels! Although I might be a little rusty since I've been avoiding them this pregnancy.

Michele said...

Happy Birthday!

ElizabethEK said...

Happy Birthday!!

This is great.

I am excited to hear how the list completion progresses.

Eva said...

Happy happy birthday. Sounds like it was a great weekend. And the list is awesome, and I can relate to some of the goals (though I think sleep more would be high up on my list!).

Goddess in Progress said...

This is an amazing list! I love the combination of smaller, discrete, do-able items with the larger, loftier goals.

And I will admit that #19 is on my list, too. Wanna find a sprint one?

Sadia said...

Happy Birthday.

I could write a book on each of you list items, but I'll address just one. I'd be happy to meet you in Alaska to see the Northern Lights. We can stay with my friend Sara.

Sadia said...

One last thing: I think emotionally healthy food counts as healthy.

windycityvegan said...

Happy Birthday!

Number 8 is by far my favorite from your list (because I know you mean it, and because it's something I aspire to every day), number 23 is insane (just kidding, mostly), and I would love to help you out with number 2!

Jodi said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the wedding dress one .

6, 13 and 14 rock as ideas!!

Beth said...

Happy Happy birthday! I am so in on Number 25. But we have to hurry. Space Shuttle launches are almost over. Number 8 is awesome, awesome, awesome. And I'm with you on Number 29, too, except that there will always be more books to add to that list. And yes to 34, and to 35. And number one sounds scary, so good for you for wanting to try again. Thanks for sharing you list!

Megan said...

Happy, Happy Birthday, Laura! This is a wonderful list. Some food for thought in there! Some challenging goals and ones that will be a bit easier to reach. (skipping stones). I could relate to a great number of these goals- esp the one about finding a tribe. I can't wait to see what 36 brings you. I have a feeling that by 37, a fair number of these will be knocked off the list. Thanks for the inspiration!

Dawn Johnson Warren said...

Happiest Birthday!

I want to see the Aurora Borealis as well. Having a tribe of women is an essential for a healthy life. May you be as blessed in your tribe as I have been by mine.

Let's make the countdown to 40 joyous and filled with courage!

Maria said...

Happy Birthday! I love your list concept and continue to be inspired by you often. Thank you for all you do and share with all of us, and may the coming year be happy, healthy and successful in all that you do. Awesome job in the half!

Anonymous said...

Hope you have a wonderful 36th Birthday

Beth said...

Happy Birthday! I was away this weekend and just read your post, so I think I'm a little late. I love your list. I would have many similar items, though some of your's really scare me :) Thank you for sharing them with us!

Kara said...


Love the list. Great idea!

HeatherV said...

Happy Birthday dear friend. I hope your next year around the sun is filled with much happiness in every aspect of your life. Your list is too special to narrow down to just a few that are my fav.

All reflect the person you are, have been, and want to become. Hope that I can watch as each one is accomplished and smile.

Heidi O said...

Happy Birthday. Bring your heels to Vegas. There is comfort in numbers. It takes time to get anywhere here so you will get plenty of practice. And maybe we can do a fondue night here at my house.

Susan said...

Happy Birthday!! 36 is an awesome time. However, I will be 41 in a few days and it is still pretty good ;) Like your list.

edie & ella said...

Happy Birthday Laura!!! Thank you for sharing your fantastic life with us .... I hope your day is wonderful!!! Love the list .... lots of great things to accomplish!!!

Good job on your finish time......awesome!!!

Joanna said...

Happy birthday!

36 rocks. It's a liberating age because you get to care a little less about some of the stuff you now have under your belt, but you are still young and fit and have so many cool things you can do! You are going to love 36.

I love your wishes. They are all wonderful and all reasonable to strive for. I'm totally with you on Warrior Dash and I'll drag you over the finish line if need be. (Which in reality will be you cheering me on as I come in 20 minutes behind's the thought that counts.)

One thing, I'd suggest that you either get moving or modify your shuttle lunch wish. The shuttles are in their last year of service with 4 launches left. April 5th, May 14th, July 29th, and the final launch Sept 16th. Of course, NASA does impressive launches from both coasts, so you can always hit a satellite launch instead, or wait until they finally come up with the shuttle replacement.

The aurora are so worth seeing. Do they do alaska cruises in the winter? I'd be up for doing that with you.

Lesley Barr Photography said...

Happy Birthday!!! I'm combining number 5 and 26. Grow your camera love into a job you love. Great list and I hope you accomplish your goals.

Ann said...

Happy Birthday, Laura. I honestly have no idea how you manage to do all the things that you do (It'd make more sense if you didn't sleep, but I know how much you treasure sleep!). I learned how to walk in heels recently and can probably teach you :-)

Joanna said...

Happy birthday, my long-distance friend. Your list was beautiful, with not a thing on it worth hiding. I hope you see all of these to fruition!

Joanna said...

(May I suggest rescuing the sweet dog that will lick your boys' faces?)

Mike and Jill said...

Happy Birthday Laura! I hope you have a great day and fantastic year. You already seem to be off to a good start.
As always, you are an inspiration!

Steph said...

Happy Birthday!!!

I am catching up after spring break so I need to get back to the run posts, but, I can help you with a for #23 you can borrow my little girl to mother for a few days sometime- she could learn awesome things from you! And, if you want a dog, you can have ours! :) She loves to give out kisses. But, I have to say, I think you already have #36 accomplished!

Yvonne said...

I'm a lurker, but I wanted to wish you a happy birthday! I so enjoy reading your posts and this one was no exception. I may have to get my on mondo list together (and steal some of yours!)

erinlaughs said...

Happy Birthday!

#32!! I *love* makeup. If in the next year, we don't hang out, I highly recommend going to a MAC counter when it's quiet. They will give you a makeup lesson and show you some good, basic tips and tricks.

For me, a good mascara, some blush/highlighter for my cheeks, and a basic lipstick are my essentials. I think it's also good to know which eyeshadow colors will complement your eye color. That alone can make you look completely different.

Janna said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Today is an exceptionally awesome day to be born on :)

Lovely and inspirational list! I am stealing some of your items and adding to my (seemingly now) short list :)

I am super excited about you getting a dog!

Questions - Do you want to accomplish all of these THIS year or are some of these long-term goals? And what kind of book do you want to write (fiction, memoir, nonfiction???) Oh and I'm curious about the mothering a girl one.

Have a wonderful year!

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your list! I wish I had pulled my dreams and aspirations together like that.

I hope you have a wonderful day.
You are officially one day younger than me. :-)

Carrie77 said...

Happy Birthday! Wow, what a great list! You have a lot of great goals for yourself.

Leigh said...

I am SMILING big at your list. I love it, love it, LOVE it.

I need to go back and cross stuff off mine and add some more. With my infertility, I haven't looked at it for a good 3 years or so... as the one thing on there was seemingly out of reach.

Would love to hear more about 23 and I'm up for helping you on anything organised or time management, really :), like number 6 (strange, about 18 months ago, I worked on exactly this with a client! what is it about Italy???) and 9 and 21 and 28....

P.S. My motherstyles book arrived today and I can't WAIT for bedtime to soak it all in.

P.P.S. Happy Birthday

Lindsay said...

Finally at the computer!!!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

We have 3 kayaks - maybe a peaceful lake kayak trip is in order? We could explore the marshes at the edge of our cove.

Also, I bought some really comfy heels last year. They are "Alex Marie" brand, which I think is a Dillard's thing?

Sara Coats said...

Happy Birthday! All 36 are AWESOME dreams and I believe that you will achieve every one of them... because that's just how you are!

Cathy said...

Laura! Happy birthday to you! And, you know I could totally help you with #24. Let us work on that OK!

I LOVE your list. So many amazing items!!

Mrs. Merriman said...

Happy Birthday, lovely!!!

Bert Bell said...

Happy Birthday Laura!!! I pray your day was filled with plenty of God's blessings and treasures! Karate chopping a board with your hand is a lot easier then it sounds. Or at least that is what my stepson said when he did it and one first place in his first karate tournament! He was surely nervous when I went to the lumber yard and purchased the board that would be cut down to the perfect dimensions for chopping. He kept saying over and over how he couldn't do it. But Pastor (yep his instructor was his pastor!) told him Philippians 4:13 and got Brandon believing he could. One important note: do not attempt to chop a board that has a knot whole in it. It actually is the toughest part of the board....find a nice one that is smooth without knotholes...but most importantly do not attempt this without the proper training, it will result in a bruised hand. Let me know when you do it!

t + j said...

happy happy birthday! you are awesome!

Julie said...

Happy Happy Birthday Laura!! I love your list, I love that you are so forward-thinking, for both little things and big things.

If you ever host a chocolate tasting party, make sure you serve some savory and salty snacks b/c believe it or not there is such a thing as too much chocolate. I know, crazy but true.

mel @ the larson lingo said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!
Love your list! I should make one....
And, awesome mile pace, you rock!

mames said...

happy birthday. my fellow mondo dreaming friend. you are so wonderful for sharing with us on your special day.

so, i can help with the make up thing, because, you know i wear a lot. but i am also pretty good and helping others do themselves up without going too tarty.

you can have my dog, just name the time.

you are well on your way with the picture taking.

and you are just amazing in so many many other ways.

p.s.....seems like 36 is working itself out just fine on a a daily basis.

lots of love your way. amiee

nonlineargirl said...

Happy birthday! That is a big list - best wishes to you and good luck getting started (maybe begin with the summer in Italy?)

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! I am so with you on #32. I have rarely worn makeup in my life and just can't get comfortable with it. I think it's great that you know what you want out of life. That's what so many people struggle with!

John said...

Re #33, have you considered NaNoWriMo? And if not, just start writing. Write at least a few minutes every day. Don't stop. Before you know it, you'll have a novel :)

Happy Birthday! Great list :)

Lee Anne said...

Your list is FANTASTIC! You shouldn't be scared to put any of them out there. It is you, which is amazing so good for you for putting them out there! The only one I was surprised at was the karate chop a board. :) But it would be way cool!

And yes, 36 is an awesome age. I've got 2 years on you and I have to say it just keeps on getting better! Happy Birthday!

Cynthia said...

Oh Laura, that's quite a list!
Let me know when you want to hit that shuttle launch. Alaina just put that on HER list so, maybe you could let her tag alone - LOL!
Here's to your 36th, may it be a great year!

reanbean said...

I realize I am quite late, but Happy Birthday! That list is incredible. I hope you're able to find a way to make some of those wishes come true.

Marcia (123 blog) said...

I had to come and look at your post again, Laura, because I asked in one of my blogs and no-one answered LOL

Is it 36 or 37 things you put on your list when you're turning 36?

Well, you've just answered them for me so I'm going to finish up my list before my birthday next week.

P.S. You should make a "page" with these 36 wishes and cross off as you complete :)

Emily said...

hey there,
just saw your comment in my blog.
LOVE your list!

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