Friday, October 16, 2009

Phone Photo Friday

I have something to admit: while I am trying hard to make fall my favorite, it's not working. I am a summer girl through and through. I love warm weather, long sunny days, shorts, and flip flops. It doesn't help this week is 20 degrees below average so we had to break out winter coats. And it's been raining so much the day care playground is soaked with no hope of drying out.

This led to the dirtiest pickup of all time. Earlier this week it was dirtiest in terms of amount of dirt. Yesterday was dirtiest in terms of intensity of filth.


Believe me when I say the butt of these pants were just as filthy. I am switching him to athletic pants for day care from now on.

But I'm not giving up on fall. I still want to create traditions. One of my all-time favorite foods is caramel apples with peanuts. I had braces for three years and the day I got them off, I wanted a peanut caramel apple as my celebration. We're making them this weekend but I wanted to make sure the boys liked caramel before attempting this with them.

The boys loved caramel but guess what I forgot?


I forgot how much caramel sticks to your teeth. Cute cute cute moment! I love sharing these first experiences with the boys.

Please play along and leave a comment if you post a phone photo! (It doesn't even have to be on Friday.)


Joanna said...

Both pictures are really cute! I love both of them picking the caramel out of their teeth. It's so worth the extra effort.

I finally managed a photo post this week.

Beth said...

I'm playing!

I love caramel apples, too! I made them when William was younger and he wasn't really interested. I'll have to try them again. Without the peanuts, of course!

Amy L said...

I love both of those. Caramel is always worth the effort (says the woman who indulged in a McD's caramel sundae on the way home from work yesterday). Alex's expression in the first one is perfect, although I can't tell if he's upset about the mess or getting his picture taken. :)

I played along!

Carrie77 said...

I am making caramel apples on Halloween for Nathan and maybe Autumn will get some that is cut up. I saw a cute recipe in Family Fun where you make MINI caramel apples... what you do is scoop an apple with a melon scooper, so you have a round chunk of apple with a bit of core on it, you should be able to get 8 scoops per apple. Then you will need a stick, cut it at an angle so you can piece it into the apple. Then dip into hot caramel and then dip into topping (sprinkles, cocounut, nuts, etc.) and then place in a mini cupcake cup to cool. They are so cute! I just need to find the sticks, I wonder if a grocery store has them, if not, I bet I can find them in the Wilton aisle at the hobby store. Yummmm!!!!!

Steph said...

I love Alex's expression in the first picture!

Yum, carmel apples...

I played too!

windycityvegan said...

Just posted pics from our camping trip!

Caramel apples are in our near future, too. I really like Carrie77's idea about coconut as a topping - yum!

Sandra said...

Hi Laura!! I'm sorry I have been so out of touch lately but I have definitely been thinking about you and am elated to hear your good biopsy news!! I've missed you.
The caramel teeth picking photo is great, perfect. I can't believe how grown up your boys have gotten just in the short time I've "known" you.
I'm in awe of your ability to keep up your blog and do so with 2 kids and everything else going on in your life - wow!
Take care!

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