Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Let's play a guessing game!

I don't usually cross-post from HDYDI to here, but I liked my post this week enough to share it both places. I came across these pictures as I was going through my (very old unupdated) flickr account where I stored pictures a few years ago.

I will post a picture of myself and you guess how many days pregnant I was! Let's start with an easy one.


Let's see... flat stomach, looking bored rather than constant multi-tasking, plenty of time to take entertaining photos mocking my telecommuting... that would be zero days pregnant.

Time to guess again! How pregnant am I in the following picture?

36 weeks with twins

My readers will know I was exactly 36w with fraternal twin boys in this picture. My stomach hurts when I see that picture now. Singleton bellies look so cute and fun in comparison, huh?

Last picture... and I want you to think really hard before answering. Look at the two pictures above for comparison and guess how pregnant I was in the following picture:


Okay do you have a guess in your mind? Have you really thought about it? Make a guess.

Here's the answer: it is a trick question. I was not pregnant in that picture. My boys were already born! This is the day I checked out the hospital, when my boys were 5 days old.

A couple of lessons here:

* If you're pregnant with multiples, bring some BIG maternity clothes to the hospital with you when you deliver. The general rule is that you will look 6 months pregnant after birth, but that's not 6 months-cute-singleton-belly pregnant. Bring clothes that comfortably fit when YOU were 6 months pregnant. I actually wore my biggest clothes home because OUCH twin c-section incision still healing. And the boobs... they continued to grow.

* Keep taking photos. I CRIED when I saw that picture, I mean I really bawled. This is not how you envision you will look post-partum when someone is taking pictures of you with your newborns. But I told Jon to keep snapping and make sure I was in plenty of pictures. I now treasure the photos where I have a huge jelly belly and I am cuddling my sweet smelling newborns because now they are big three year olds. And when my boys turned one, I was still not back to my pre-pregnancy shape (and am still not!) but when I used the above photo for comparison, I felt so much better about the progress I had made. So keep snapping!


Anonymous said...

I know having twins is way different than having one but let me tell you, I pretty much looked like you when I left the hospital with my one BIG boy weighing in a little over 12 pounds. Big singeltons cause tonage too :)

Lindsay said...

Nice Despair.com mug! MyBestFriendKellsey's brother owns the place, and her husband runs it. =) If you are not on their mailing list (Wailing List), please sign up immediately!

Joanna said...

You look so sweet in all of your pictures. Your personality really comes through well. (Although you probably look just as sweet when you are ripping band-aides off too.)

I just had to go back and look at pictures of me right after Michael was born. There are NONE of my stomach. It seems that the cameras were trained on Michael non-stop. I have no idea how pregnant I looked right after he was born. Glancing down at my belly right now, I'm guessing at least six months. That would be 10 pounder 6 months...which is less cute than 7 pounder 6 months, but I know better than to angle for sympathy here.

Michele said...

I have no post partum pictures of me at all. Even holding the babies in the NICU. Cause I'm the only one with the camera. But I know I certainly FELT thinner then, even if I didn't look it.

bb and mtb said...

I remember picture #1, weren't you pregnant and just didn't know it? Love the twin belly at its best - 36 weeks - beautiful!!!!

Sadia said...

I wish I'd read this post before I went to the hospital. Of course, your boys are 6 days younger than my girls, but that's beside the point!

Lucas was very sweet, and packed me drawstring pants. But they were pants, and not maternity pants! I cried all the way home from the hospital. Fortunately, he thought it was because we were leaving the girls in the NICU, not because I was in pain from the waistband.

Quadmama said...

I refused to let anyone take pictures of me while I was pregnant. I was so sick and lost so much weight at first that I just didn't want to see what I looked like. My dad came to visit about a month before my daughters were born and begged for just one picture of me with him. I consented but have never seen the picture. I know it makes me sound crazy, but I don't regret not having the pictures. (I do have some pictures immediately before birth with all the monitors strapped to my stomach). It was such a rough time that I just don't want to be reminded of how terrible I felt. I think if I looked as healthy as you do in your pictures I would have snapped away throughout the pregnancy. BUT I have a zillion pictures of me immediately after my girls were born and I could care less how I look in them.

Amy L said...

I don't think I was much smaller than that with my singleton pregnancy - let's just say that I indulged a little too much on the comfort foods during my "eating for two" months.

One of the message boards I frequent had a great discussion today on making sure we as moms get in the photos sometime, no matter what we look like. I thought this poster summed it up best:

"I realized that when I look at photos of my mom, I don't even think about what she looks like, if she had makeup on, whatever....all I see is that she is my mom and I love her."

I'm going to try to do better about making sure my baby girl has pictures of her mom.

Sara Coats said...

Agree... fun blog post! I took weekly photos of my twin belly also (prob stole the idea from you) and I cringed each time I saw them, but I am so glad that I have them now!

Cindy said...

I can relate to the post birth photos. My first baby was a natural birth - she was 8lbs 7oz. I thought that my stomach would miraculously disappear because I did not gain much weight during pregnancy. My husband brought me a go home outfit - pre-pregnancy pants and a beautiful shirt. I wore my pajamas home and cried the entire way. For my girls, I knew better and went home in the same size clothes I went into the hospital in. I was so bloated from the c-section, I still looked hugely pregnant.

cat said...

Oh gosh, those belly shots are so familiar!

Carmina said...

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