Thursday, May 28, 2009

3 years stats, aka boo hoo shorties, speech, and stuttering

Jon's out of town so I got the pleasure of taking the boys solo to their 3 year checkup. This was, by far, their easiest checkup. Don't get me wrong, every time I tried to talk to the doctor, they did their best to get my attention. Even the doctor laughed at their antics. But the stress was minor compared to other checkups.

At their first checkup, we each held a screaming 2 week old baby while frantically mixing bottles, changing diapers, trying to listen to the doctor, and nearly hyperventilating from the realization that there was no turning back.

We then had a series of stressful checkups talking about Alex's plagiocephaly and torticollis, Nate's reflux and continued fussiness, Alex's speech, and their development delays. We had countless doctor's visits between checkups because the boys were ALWAYS sick.

After their 2 year checkup, I called my friend Julie-with-twins to celebrate the boys' NORMALNESS. We had two 2 year olds, no more worrying about delays and effed up heads and reflux vomiting. We even had a celebratory twin mom night out. We could move on to normal worries.

As I was filling out their 3 year ages and stages questionnaire, I was almost giddy with NORMALNESS. Every checkbox was yes. I didn't have to quiz them, test them, or practice anything. They could do everything listed on the sheet. It felt so great. But of course, I walked away from this appointment with both good news and bad news.

Good news: both kids are healthy, proportional, happy 3 year olds.

Bad news: I'll give it to you in least worry to most worry.

1. Heights and weights.
Alex height 36.5 inches (25%), weight 31.6 lb (50%)
Nate height 36.75 inches (25%), weight 30.8 (50%)

I plugged their stats into an online calculator again and AGAIN it says Alex will be 5'7" and Nate will be 5'9". This is not really a worry but what is the point of marrying someone 6'4" if you're going to have short kids?! Jon is borderline-freakishly tall so couldn't we at least have AVERAGE kids? Why shorties?

2. Alex's enunciation. Doctor agreed Alex's enunciation is a little behind his peers. It's not enough to have warranted a call to EI but it's still something we should keep on the Worry List. Because you know, I haven't done enough worrying and obsessing over Alex's speech over the last two years.

That's when I realized I've never mentioned on my blog that I was in speech therapy in elementary school. I used to slur my Ss and Zs. In fact, when I drink too much alcohol, I again slur my Ss and Zs, which is how I know when to stop drinking. And while I know first-hand speech therapy is not that big of a deal, I just want to stop worrying on this one. (Side note: speech therapy was in the special ed class, so I would leave gifted class to go to special ed. Awesome.)

3. Alex's stuttering. He's started this just recently, and he mostly does it when Nate is talking over him. But the doctor told me specifically to google stuttering to find the website and if Alex is still doing it at 3 1/2, we get a referral to speech.

The last time I was told to google something by a doctor, Alex ended up in a helmet and 9 months of physical therapy.

So you can see why I'm worried.


ElizabethE said...

I see. Still, it does seem that the good/normal news WAY OUTWEIGHS any kind of worry news.

And BTW, I don't think the height projection news counts as anything. I am taking that off the list. So there.

Goddess in Progress said...

We always find things to worry about, I think.

I'm sure Alex's speech will be just fine, even if he ends up needing a little help. On the scale of worrisome things, I'm going to say this ain't so bad. :-)

Megan said...

Oh Laura. It is hard to get even the tiniest bit of bad news. I feel like doctors are always sending us to specialists and getting me freaked out. But as Sam points out, it is better to know early if there is a problem and better to be sent to a specialist now than to find out mych later that you could have done something. I imagine that your personal experience with speech (horrific that you were in special ed for this) has a lot to do with your response. (understandably!) Stuttering at this age, from what I understand, also has to do with stress response. (I was looking this for a friend of mine). I wonder if he stutters less when he isn't with his brother? More? This is hard stuff but it sounds like you also got good news too! The ying-yang of motherhood. Sigh.

Sadia said...

First of all, YAY! Yay for normal! Yippee!

Secondly, hugs to you all. As you say, speech therapy (if it ends up being called for) isn't a big deal, but any sort of warning of stuff our kids need extra help with is hard.

Melly will most likely be started speech therapy for her enunciation soon. We'll get through this, and be thankful afterwards. Right? Early diagnosis is good.

BTW, I snorted my soup on your gifted-to-special comment. Too funny.

Cindy G said...

Yay for normal!!!
Though the speach thing is another worry, it is one you will get through, just like all the other trials you've gotten through. My daughter stuttered a lot around this age and then it disappeared completely. A lot of it, I think, was her frustration at trying to get the right word, her head working faster then her mouth, trying to be heard, etc. It worked itself out. We just had to remind her to slow down, think about what she wanted to say, and if she couldn't get the word out, she usually came up with a different one to get her point across. It was painful to watch, but isn't that always the case. Focus on the awesome check up points if you can. Try not to worry too much.

Joanna said...

As a woman married to a man that's about 5' 8" (the about includes an inch for his ego) I can say that it's a great height for a guy. At least in my opinion.

As far as speech goes. Well, I only had to miss recess to work on those stupid S's, which wasn't so bad. However, I know how much it must have sucked for you because I had to go between my gifted class and the normal reading class three times a week. I got looks from both classes. It was really not awesome.

By being proactive, hopefully you can help Alex address any lingering speech issues before the kids start hitting the nasty stage.

Still, all things considered, it sounds like a good check-up.

Wendy Willis said...

My 4 y.o. is on the small side too (25% for both height/weight) and my husband is 6'3"; compared to your hubby though, mine is short!
Your post hits home because my 10 y.o. basically goes to "special ed" class 3 times a week (1 hour) for extra help in reading/writing. But he is eligible for gifted services as well. In fact, we rec'd an invitation for him to join the Duke T.I.P. which only gifted children are invited. It's so confusing when a child fits into several categories that contradict each other.
It's hard not to obsess over any worry, so I understand.

Becky said...

When I plug the boys heights into that generator thing it says 5'9 which I thought was strange considering I'm average and my husband is above avg height. Maybe they are wrong :)

I am glad that all was well despite some set backs. My nephew went through a brief stuttering stage and it passed. He was about your sons age. Good luck!

Amy L said...

Sounds like a good, normal checkup! And I wouldn't give the height thing a second thought. My dad was a late bloomer - he was about 5' 8" when he graduated from high school at 16 and grew to 6' 2" over the next few years.

I also think that Alex's speech will be fine. Even if he ends up needing EI, at least it's being caught early, right?

Lesley said...

I feel your pain. My kids are midgets, they are behind in speech, and I too was in speech therapy when I was little. The wabbit wan acwoss the woad. Ha.

I try not to worry over the speech - I'm hopeful they will catch up without therapy, but with as many other things that could be wrong I'm grateful it isn't major.

I have a friend who is 6'4. He was on the small side until he was 17 and then just grew grew grew. You just never know.

Eva said...

But yay for normalcy! On the height thing, somehow I always thought your boys were super tall (and I'm too lazy to go back and look at your old posts). Has their percentile decreased or have they always been < 50? I'm hoping for J's sake he gets my husband's height genes and not mine. And I also did elementary school speech therapy, and although I hope my kids don't have to, as you said, there are worse things.

rccalyn said...

Just wanted to let you know not to worry about the stuttering (yet)! My 3 year old went through a stage of it, and so did a girl I used to take care of, right around 3 also. The girl's mom told me she just was thinking too fast to get the words out right, and her older sister did the same thing. Apparently it's quite common in 2s and 3s, and most outgrow it quickly. I think Marissa's only lasted a few weeks maybe?

Joanna said...

I had an incredible student, gifted, with a passion for history, who stuttered in my 4th grade class. The students loved him, I loved him, and I was actually surprised how LITTLE a deal the stuttering was.

Also, being gifted and working with another issue is NOT uncommon. It's known as "twice-exceptional". There is plenty of information on this topic and it isn't something to worry about, either. You'll deal with whatever you need to deal with and Alex will be as unique of an individual as Nate.

Sandra said...

I'm not expert, but can you really rely on the projections as accurate info? It seems like many people are smaller and then shoot up in a growth spurt later. I say don't fret about that one.
And try not to fret about the other either. You are certainly staying on top of everything and will do whatever needs to be done. Your boys are lucky to have such a great Mom!

Julie said...

It is always easy to focus on the worrisome news, but I agree that if its a little extra help he needs, better sooner rather than later.

As for the potential shortness--it is so interesting how genetics work out, isn't it? Its not like they will be freakishly short. My husband is 5'9" and he is a fine manly height, although he does feel a tad bit envious of basketball players once in a while.

My advice on the speech thing--be careful googling things b/c although there is a lot of good info out there, there is also too much information that is non-reputable and can freak you out. I know you already know this, but just keep it in mind.