Saturday, April 04, 2009

I'm in love with the Cut n Seal

I think everyone knows I'm a kid product junkie. I'm not a junkie in that I buy a lot of useless gadgets. I'm a junkie in that I'm always game for gadgets that make my life easier, and when I find something I rave about it to everyone. The latest gadget I love love love is the Cut-N-Seal from Pampered Chef:

You make a sandwich, press down with the Cut-N-Seal, and it makes an uncrustable pocket sandwich for you. Can I tell you how many PB&J sandwiches the boys have eaten since we got this? It is perfect for meals on their picnic table and taking sandwiches to the park.

Many thanks to Heather for pointing out this product and assuring me it was a necessity in the Case household.


Mrs. Merriman said...

OMG.. I have had one of these for YEARS and have never used it! Now that Ben actually likes pb&j's, I am TOTALLY using this!!

Keep the reviews coming, L!

Ramirez Family said...

Who am I to talk, but this doesn't seem like a very economic or environmentally friendly product... wasting all those sandwich crusts just because your toddler(s) decide they don't want to eat them? I want to hear your method for recycling those crusts!!!

HeatherV said...

Try making pizza pockets with it using TJ dough and topings of your choice. Perfect size for little hands to help.

Glad you like it. I am lovin' my batter bowl I got from pampered chef as well!

Amy L said...

Oooh - I need this!

Jim said...

Maybe I'm a little dense? I need a video or something. I'm missing the bit about how it works.

The Anonymous Platypus said...

ooooh. I wonder if this will go over as well as the dinosaur shape cutter i have. this might alleviate the 'jelly on the floor' issue we have.