Friday, January 09, 2009

The week in which my kids learn to play me

Really, thank you for all the support yesterday. Jon got home late last night and I poured out all my thoughts to him. That's how I know I married the right guy. When things go right or wrong, I need him and he always makes me feel better.

Btw, for those that do not know me in real life, I crack jokes about my hearing all the time. I even cracked them at the hospital and during post-surgery exams. I am not sensitive about my hearing loss and love to hear good jokes. During my surgery recovery, Jon's brother sent a cookie bouquet. Here I am, hair unwashed for days, eating the ear of the little surgeon.)

The news also came during a bad week. The boys were mostly out of school for the last two weeks. We had visitors and nights we stayed up late and lots of fun times. This was their first full week back and it was a rough transition. Jon jumped right back into traveling as he was gone four days. I think we were all sad real life had to start again.

On Tuesday night, Nate was a terror. Shouting, saying mean things to me ("I don't love you mommy. I love daddy, not you."), just really acting out. I asked him why he was in a bad mood and he said, "I miss my daddy." I gave him lots of attention and hugs and really fawned on him.

So... the rest of the week as he acted like a normal two year old (terrible one minute, so loving the next) whenever he would do something really bad, he would follow it with "I miss my daddy." Smack Alex in the face, I miss dad. Throw food at the table, I miss dad. Tantrum over not getting to watch tv, I miss dad.

That kid is so freaking smart. I didn't catch on for a day. I got outsmarted by a 2 year old.


Beth said...

Nate really is going to be the death of you! I was going to write in my comment yesterday that I'll be sure to speak slowly and loudly and enunciate when I see you in a few weeks. But I thought cracking jokes might not be the best response. Thanks for dispelling that notion! LOL. Can't wait to see you!

Joanna said...

LOL, like Beth, I was going to crack a hearing joke too, but I wasn't sure how that would be received. Next time I'll just go with it.

As far as being outsmarted by a two year really does stink. And the worst part is that as soon as you catch on, they change tactics and come up with something new.

You know, I can just picture the boys in a few years having fun at the expense of your hearing. You know they are going to start to speak really softly around you, just to convince you that you can't hear.

bb and mtb said...

Ooooh, that Nate is sneaky! Love it!

And I love the cookie picture too!

-Bridget said...

I think that's my day pretty much every day--outsmarted by a two year old. It's getting old.

Becky said...

It is scary how smart they are. Getting back into reality can be a huge adjustment. I hope next week improves.

AmberP said...

Ohhhh Marcus pulls that on me allll the time! Little buggers.
I am glad that you have such an amazing support system in Jon, that makes life like doable, bearable! And indeed, as we all knew, you have a great sense of humor! Love it :)

Erin said...

Oh Laura! Sorry about your hearing...that can't be fun. Especially with little ones.

I love the first paragraph of this post:
That's how I know I married the right guy. When things go right or wrong, I need him and he always makes me feel better.
That's the BEST. That's how I feel about Matt too, and it's such a good feeling.

And Molly is the queen of doing something bad - followed by a quick "I love you Mommy!" Yeah...I've caught on, but it took me awhile. I'd like to think they are SO smart because of their good genes. Makes us feel a little better, right?!

Jennifer said...

It's always interesting reading your blog. It lets me know where I'll be about a year from now. You're boys are just a bit over a year older than mine and I love having this insight to my days yet to come. Hopefully it keeps me one step ahead. And I agree with Erin, it is a wonderful knowing we have someone to lean on. Hope things look (and sound) better in the future.

Threeundertwo said...

I love the cookie picture - and my 10 year old son still plays that type of game! I think you're catching on quicker than I did though.