Thursday, November 13, 2008

Wow wow wow

Wow, there are a bunch of Barney haters out there! Jon and I got some good laughs out of the comments yesterday. Two things about that:

* You all have clearly never seen Thomas & Friends. It is the most boring show EVER. No animation. Very few songs. It's just dumb trains going around the Island of Sodor. And the narration is boooorrrring.

* I don't care what the show is, if it stops Nate and Alex from fighting, pinching, crying, and getting all up in my business long enough for me to cook dinner when Jon is gone, the boys can watch it. And it gives us extra cooperation in the mornings rushing to get two toddlers changed, fed, cleaned up, and out the door. I struggle with the chaos of mornings and calming them down helps me calm down.

We watched the first part of Dumbo last night. Is anyone else disturbed by the scene where Dumbo's mom goes crazy and the ring leader beat her with a whip? Jon and I talked about how our society is fine with violence (which we are not) but sexuality is taboo (ummm... Erica Hahn getting fired from Grey's Anatomy?).

And we tried watching Mary Poppins. Nate walked over to the tv stand, opened the door, pushed the button to pop out the DVD, and tried to put in a different DVD. This all happened in the span of 10 seconds but he made his point clear. TV shows from Noggin and PBS it is.

(PS. I'm crazy glad we're parenting in the age of Tivo and Netflix!)


Beth said...

LOL Laura! RE Dumbo, I can't stand that scene and think it's worse than Bambi's mother getting shot! My parents always felt that way about violence v. sex. Sex was not taboo in our house, but violence definitely was. I have to agree. RE Thomas, my friend is a school psychologist and she thinks Thomas is awful because it's so negative. The trains are always teasing each other and being mean, and the message is that you have to work really hard and be useful, and no fun allowed. I think that's a bit extreme, but it's a very British view of life, that's for sure. But your "boorring" comment made me laugh because on our honeymoon, a British family was also vacationing there and the daughter was in "University" and she talked about how "Booooorrrring" it was, but you have to say it with a very British accent. It's quite funny. But now I'm rambling and my comment is a novel. Just wanted to say, Barney's not THAT bad! LOL.

Heidi O said...

We had the violence revelation while watching Bambi. I remember crying while watching that movie when I was a kid when Bambi's mother is killed by a hunter. When we watched it this time, neither I nor the kids were phased by it. The level of seen violence has become the norm that inferred violence doesn't hold the same meaning anymore

DesiDVM said...

Oh man, Dumbo. My husband can't watch it because of that scene. I'm serious. He was completely traumatized as a kid when he saw that and he is against J seeing that movie until he's older.

We still haven't seen Barney. Thomas gives me nightmares, the train faces are CREEPY.

HeatherV said...

Do what works! Did you try Veggie Tales among the mix?

Ben has just discovered Thomas so we are in for a long ride. Bill ripped about 30 episodes for our Thanksgiving beach trip. Thanks Bill :-(

Did you ever see Romper Room- circa 1977? This Pre-Barney children's programing makes YGG, Barney, et al look like academy award winning programing.

When you try those, then I will worry about you.

London said...

Thomas and friends is very popular around here. We have about five DVDs and watch at least one a day. We even hav an old school one narrated by Ringo Starr himself. I think it's hilarious!

Steph said...

I agree about Dumbo- Cooper has a golden book version of Dumbo, but I try to keep it in the bottom of the book stack so he does not choose it because of the violence.

Cooper likes Thomas and that's one I wish he didn't- it is boring. He also loves Little Einsteins and Backyardigans, so I guess it all evens out.

Joanna said...

I've never seen Dumbo, or Bambi, or a bunch of other Disney films. My mom saw Bambi as a child and thought it was horrifying, so she really never exposed us to them. (She did once hang the centerfold from a Playboy on the fridge door, so you can guess where I lean on the sex vs violence thing.)

I do find the negativity of Thomas to be a problem, but when it lets me go to the bathroom by myself, I consider it a necessary evil. And least it's not so freaking happy. Let's forclose on Barney's house and see if he so perky. Gag.

Sadia said...

I worked as a research assistant in college looking at representations of minorities in the media. Try listening to the words of the opening song of Dumbo one of these days:

"We work all day, we work all night
We never learned to read or write
We’re happy-hearted roustabouts"

If you watch Charlotte's Web, you see that that generation of parents and movie-makers had no problem discussing death, which is so taboo for kids our kids' age.

Olena said...

My kids also LOVE Kidsongs and Little People (short happy episodes).
If your boys like singing - Kidsongs may be another option.