Friday, November 07, 2008

Giveaway winner and other housekeeping

THANK YOU to everyone who donated to help build a school in Sierra Leone. So far, Holly Springs NHS has raised $758 towards the school. They will continue fundraising throughout the school year so I'll keep everyone posted on the results. We put everyone's names in a hat last night and the winner is..... AUNT DEB! I'll be in touch to get your prize to you. Thank you again everyone.

A couple of housekeeping items are on the agenda today.

I got a lot of questions about the juice Nate and Alex drank on Election night. It was V8 V-Fusion Strawberry Banana. It tastes like strawberry juice but contains vegetable juices like sweet potatoes, beets, and carrots. I'm a closet couponer and on sale with coupons it was less than $1. I also buy Trader Joe's fruit/veggie blends but it can get pricey.

On the closet couponing front, so far this year I've saved over $2000 at the grocery store by taking advantage of sales and couponing.

I recently wrote about the boys going through a difficult phase. One thing I always forget is that difficult phases are often followed by some type of development. The new development in our house this week is Nate and Alex spending a lot more time talking to each other. They used to just give each other commands or object to each other's actions. Now they will sit and discuss things, having actual conversations about *nothing*.

After weeks of listening to them bicker, it is sweet sweet music to hear them talking to each other about seeing a digger and it was moving. I love listening to these conversations as well as getting a break from having to be the one to answer their endless questions. Plus you should see their little faces light up when they have these conversations! It's one of my favorite parenting experiences so far.

Oh yeah, also I think my hearing in my robo-ear is starting to go. I've been constantly thinking about it. I don't want to get into the details on my thoughts until I have a hearing test to confirm.


Goddess in Progress said...

Oh, that's so sweet about them starting to just chat with each other! I was at the playground the other day, and obviously there were older kids there. It was so fun to listen to their conversations and the pretend games they were making up. I can't wait until my kids have that kind of vocabulary and imagination.

mames said...

storm clouds, bright sun, storm clouds, bright shining sun.ah, that is the way it seems to go in this parenting thing, huh? have a good weekends. :)

Eva said...

thank you for reminding me about the new developments that often happen after the crazy. After last night, I'm expecting great things!

Joanna said...

So, just how do you know how mcuh money you saved? You don't happen to be tracking it in Excel, do you? I love engineers.

Julie said...

I think you should teach a seminar on financial management. I only aspire to be so organized and responsible.

Awesome that N&A can have conversations! I caught Lana the other night pretending to have conversations with 2 of her bunnies. It went something like this: "Hi Little bunny. Hi Goodnight Moon bunny. How are you? I am good." Maybe she needs a sibling.